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Truly don't know what to do

During the previous update of Madden 21, all of my franchise files were corrupted and I was unable to restore them. This includes my franchise leagues, and my face of the franchise. I can see all of my saves on my hard drive, but after this update was applied, they all revert to a January 1 date and I receive an error message when the files are opened.

Fast forward to the new update. I didn't want to apply it because I started new franchises and a new face of the franchise. Lo and behold, I go to turn on my game and it is already installing the update without giving me an option of whether I want to install it, download it, or apply it. Apparently it was doing it on the background. So the new update is applied in the exact same thing happens again. All of my franchise files and the face of the franchise files are corrupt. Now I thought I was a little smarter this time, and I backed up my files, when I went to put them in to the hard drive, I open up the game and they are immediately have the same, all of them. To make matters worse, when I went to try and open my face of the franchise file during this update, it was overwritten with a brand-new file that I didn't even start.

Tech support tried to help me last time and simply gave up on me saying my situation couldn't be fixed after 3 communications back and forth. No refund was offered, no sympathy, not even an apology. In the end, I have a game that doesn't work. I have no recourse and EA doesn't care in any capacity. What saddens me is I know I'm not the only one as I've been able to find other threads and other players that have the same issue as me. When are you going to address this issue, and what is a can it take for EA to step up and do the right thing?


  • Feel for you bro. My cousin has the same issue I think. He was also pretty upset the problem is still happening. He was hoping it would be fixed with this latest update.
  • They Definitely don’t care,.....they pump out the same game with different rosters every year! We are the stupid ones for buying it !! And the stupid social justice messages are over the top. “Congratulations you just signed Colin Kaepernick”,... ARE YOU SERIOUS EA ?! That’s what you’re worried about ?!?
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