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Locking a Defensive Player

Can I lock a defensive player that I'm going to play? I'm new to Madden so just want to play a lineman for now but the game keeps switching the player I'm playing to another player. This happens sometimes when there is a substitution and the AI switches me to another lineman. That is fine. But sometimes randomly I'm playing the SS or a CB. So every defensive play I have to check who I'm playing and then if it is the wrong player switch through the players until I get the one I want. Of course I'm rushed to sometimes end up switching right past the player I'm looking for and have to. So instead of assessing the offensive formation and thinking about the play I'm pushing buttons. Can I lock the player I want to play, or better yet lock the position, and is there a faster way to select the player I want to play rather than switching through all of them?


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