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L2, Left Trigger, Slide, Celebrate? No precision modifier anymore?

here is link to XBOX instructions....https://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/eahelp/manuals/madden-21-xboxone_en.pdf

They don't even mention how to slide as a scrambling QB, and its kind of unfathomable. No adjustments to QB running, how to pull up or pull down passing icons, etc. No gains, whatsoever.

After spending multiple seasons getting used to the "precision modifier", how to decelerate, or get that modified juke or stiff arm ... MADDEN 21 designer gurus dump the entire system to make "L2" = celebrate... Are you guys kidding us?

Does "celebrate" celebrate deserve to be an entire button. How much celebrate should we be doing, especially in a game where non of the run moves work. While the spin was bad in 20, its now completely gone. AND now the juke is gone too.

But to make L2 (left trigger) celebrate and to destroy the precision modifier in a Madden 21, in a game that is nothing more than cookie cutter with a paint job, is baffling, bonkers, to say the least.

L2 + R2 + A to celebrate was working to perfection.... but some genius scrapped it for the strait L2. Where did precision modifier go.... oh, its OUT.

SO for anyone who wants to slide as a running QB, test your luck by lightly mashing the "X" button, the X button DOUBLE TAP, because the single tap, that was working perfectly was great.

But the kicker ... none of it is in the instructions. Will there be an instructions reprint? are there any other secret buttons we should know about? sad. disappointing.

Why did the game go backwards here.

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