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Please Get rid of the social justice messages

One of the reasons i play madden is to have an outlet to ignore the crazy world we live in. I do not need to log into a video game and see social justice messages in games. At least have an option where we can shut this garbage off !


  • I don't have a problem with the the social justice being on there, but it's sad that salute to service has been in the NFL for how long now but it's never made it onto madden SMDH!!
  • What’s next LGBTQ flags ???? They need to be neutral
  • Let’s not do that. Things don’t become what they are the moment YOU decide to notice them.

    You seem to not know much about BLM so you’re going to have a few more epiphanies.

    Whenever it happens, remember it’s you, not the social justice logo.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4832 posts EA Community Manager

    There isn't an option to disable it.
  • @kennymac ,..... that makes ZERO sense! None,... not even a little bit. A GAME is not a place to push an agenda. And i don’t know much about BLM ?? Look into where their donations are truly going!! ALL LIVES MATTER !
  • [quote="EA_Blueberry;c-2158103"]@vader9849

    There isn't an option to disable it. [/quote]

    I figured out how to shut them off!
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