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Need to be added and or fixed.

Personally I like making my players look good. It’s one of my reasons for buying the game. I’d like to see added the shoulder pad system that’s in the yard how you can choose the size of your pads. Also how Patrick mahomes and Carson wentz both wear short sleeve shirts then the arm sleeve. I don’t want to have to make a full sleeve and the a half sleeve allow me to have a shirts and a sleeve. And even have turf tape on one arm then a sleeve on the other. As far as fixes I think the radius for a QB to feel pressured should be lowered or how inaccurate the throw is when he is pressured. I’ve never seen an NFL QB be pressured and trying to hit a receiver on the left side of the field running a corner and get pressured so bad he throws it right of the hashes on the right side of the field.
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