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Small details that are missed in the game

These are small details that you can do this yr attention to detail has really been lacking in madden for yrs now
1. Wind direction flags on field goal post. why this small detail is not in game just baffles me
2. Salute to service. Again why is this not in the game?
3. Player towels should be able to be worn on the back like most players wear them or off set to the side.
4. Cowboys jerseys since week 1 of this season have had the est.6o helmet patch. I'm hoping that y'all are working on this.
5. Fix the replay challenge, like redo it completely cause it's broken. You can't even challenge without calling a timeout first then it will let you challenge a play.
6. Just watch the super bowl for like 5 min and you'll see that you miss super patches on head coaches, referees and a lot of super bowl decorations.
7. Fix the defensive holding penalty it never gets called.
8. Add illegal contact penalties

I know these are small details but it shows that you at least pay attention and care about the fans and that your not just being lazy and putting out a roster update yr after yr. you know your the only ones who can make a NFL simulation. Competition brings the best out of everyone and if y'all had someone else able to make a NFL simulation like 2k you would put out a a lot better game then you have these past several yrs in my opinion.
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