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Nano Blitz Back Juke Correction

Why is this in the game, why not make the linemen come off their block and make the block. The problem is its so inconsistent. Does it happen on third downs? Why does it happen one time and not another. Should i be scared to stuff a run play, that is actually a play action, then suffer the horrendous penalty? Is it some form of deterrence so i should never run an A or B gap blitz or risk the frozen player consequence? why doesnt the cpu run more screens if the A gap blitz is a problem? Players dont want to be frozen in place, its horrible.

Also noticing the CPU can through an invincible slant where player movement curves off. Its just strange at this point.

Maybe we can just have a roster update to 2020, with 2021 rosters and go back to playing that game, because at least i was having some fun.

Same plays, different glitches.

Anyone see when the offensive and defensive players pancake together because the offense wants to block but they just run together like one player sandwitch.

No running back moves work.

EA you guys have to tight this up.


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