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Awards, Records, and customization.

I really believe this game would benefit from adding All-Pro Awards, as it is more prestigious than making the Pro Bowl. Also, if your team makes the Super Bowl, your player should still be recognized with the honor regardless of opting out.

Career stats should also include playoff and Super Bowl stats and records.

Adding team awards would be pretty awesome, as well.

Team ring of honors and a revamped Hall of Fame section would much improve the immersiveness of franchise mode.

Bring back kicking, tackling, individual play, and team records.

Legends with their true likenesses (and fully editable-including age and years of experience)-should be available in franchise mode, even if it’s via draft class. Community created legends just don’t cut it. The commentators don’t say their names and they look nothing like they should.

We should be able to edit all players age and years experience... maybe I’d like to add Tom Brady in my 2020 franchise as a rookie and use him for 15 seasons.

Editable team divisions and conferences would be nice.

Being able to control where you pick in a fantasy draft would also be helpful.

Just some suggestions that would help improve franchise mode, in my opinion.
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