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Hey Madden Ultimate Team community,

The Community Team has been receiving reports from players that they were banned improperly for Cheating. In talking with our Security Team, we found that these players did engage in Coin Distribution but received the incorrect ban message.

Due to the incorrect messaging sent out, the Security Team has agreed to lift these bans.

We want to highlight again that these players did engage in Coin Distribution which is against EA's Terms of Service and User Agreement. Going forward, these players are now on a watchlist for any rule breaking behaviors.

For full details on EA's Terms of Service and User Agreement:

If you were one of these players who received this incorrect messaging, please use this as a learning moment and stop engaging in these types of behaviors.

- The Madden Community Team
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  • I am still banned , it says It was coin distribution . I have not sold or bought coins at all . I would like this to be fixed
  • Although this year I never lost to a DC, I hope you won't lift the bans for those who does that.
  • The issue is that people have been banned incorrectly for coin distribution as well and that has not been reversed. We need the team to fix this in the same way that they fixed the other bans.
  • when are the bans being lifted?
  • I was incorrectly banned
  • Account still banned please help
    Appreciate the learning experience
  • I have spent over 1500 on bundles and weekly packs. I don’t buy or sell coins. I got a ban this morning after I completed the Barry set this weekend and sold everything but Barry. I spent 300 yesterday on bundles. I have no need to buy or sell coins.
  • Still banned. Did absolutely nothing wrong. I have multiple accounts (NMS, 1 for son/daughter) but treat them as individual entities and do not even trade cards. Absolutely unbelievable.
  • My account was banned and I promise you, I haven’t distributed a single coin. Prove me wrong EA... fix it or refund

    Gamer tag: COLIN POWELL
  • Y’all gotta stop buying coins from those sites. EA is not playing this year especially with the tourney being on MUT. Rip them bundles like the rest of us! Lol
  • Are you serious? Who are you, my daddy? How dare you accuse me of something I didn’t do, take away something I gave you money for, and then call me a cheater.

    I’m done with you and your game. I’ll never buy madden again.
  • Can you please give us a clear definition of coin distribution? I can not find one in TOS or the rules page.
  • With all due respect, screw off. I did nothing against the TOS and was banned a week. Lets talk about compensation now that I’m unbanned. This is an absolute joke. You know you screwed up banning people that didn’t even violate TOS
  • Define abusing the AH as well. I can’t use your half way competent app to buy and sell in mass to make some coin?
  • Are you kidding me? I’m now on a watchlist?

    I would like to highlight that I NEVER bought or sold any coins EVER. And you unfairly banned me and now put me on a watch list? I better not get banned again because I do not buy or sell coins. And no make rights? I missed out on so much because of this ban. I am never buying an EA product again for my Xbox and I will never buy a pack from you unless this is made right. I never cheated, and you act like you’re all high and mighty doing the right thing yet you “highlight” that I cheated just to pretend you’re right. I. DID. NOT. CHEAT.
  • Didn’t buy or sell coins or cheat have received an email saying my ban would be removed. I am currently still locked out of my account... please help
  • cballard0531
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    For some reason I am still banned - please email me asap to fix this issue - [Removed email - CM]
  • EA_Blueberry
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    For some reason I am still banned - please email me asap to fix this issue - [Removed email - CM]


    You need to contact our Terms of Service team for assistance with any suspension or bans.

    Here is how to contact them: https://help.ea.com/en/help/account/information-about-banned-or-suspended-accounts/
  • I am still banned and did nothing wrong.
  • This is absolutely absurd , I am banned for botting ? I don’t even know how to bot . I bought cards to make sets for the NFL 50 players and I get a coin distribution ban that clearly says is “buying or selling coins”. How is buying players for a promo that you guys created botting ? It’s not my fault that you guys made it take 32 cards to get one card . This just not right at all . I had to buy over 150 cards to make the sets and now I did that I get banned
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