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List changes and fixes that you think will make madden 21 better

As far as my list goes I'm not going to list any of the obvious bugs that everyone has seen or heard about. I want to list things that I feel will make the game more realistic.

1. The number one thing that I feel needs to be addressed is the "illegal motion" that players have been getting away with for some time now. If your a person who plays head to head or ( MUT ) you have experienced what I call motion cheese. People usually do it when facing man coverage. They will find a unique route and manually send him in motion and they will snap the ball before the WR sets their feet and before the DB (AI) can line up over the top of them. When people do this it causes the AI to get confused to which direction the WR is going, which allows the WR to get great separation from the DB (AI ). Motion is only used for one thing and that is for the offense to get an idea of what the defense is running not to get separation from the DB. Here is a video from NFL football operations explaining the WR motion rules -


2. The number two thing I have a problem with is the DB shading option. I never understood why EA chose to show our opponent which direction were shading pre-snap. All your opponent is going to do is change the direction of their route or audible to something that will beat it. Defensive backs don't show which direction they're going to play the WR until after the ball is hiked.

3. Why is there no quick double team option in the game? They need to add it to the coaching adjustments menu and you should also be able to choose who you want to double.

4. We need to be able to disguise and change our coverages without giving it away pre-snap. For example, I've seen teams come out in man coverage and as soon as the team sends someone in motion they switch to zone without giving it away. I have also seen teams come out in zone and when a WR goes in motion a defender follows to make it seem like their in man coverage. In Madden, if you try to switch from man to zone the defensive backs will play to far off the WR allowing your opponent to know that you’re running a zone.

5. For those of you who play NBA 2k you will know exactly what I'm talking about here. I think EA should copy icon passing from 2k. This will allow EA players to pick defenders after the ball has been hiked but before the ball has been thrown. For example, if you're controlling the MLB and you're in zone and your watching the middle of the field, but you see a WR about get open somewhere else, you would bring up your defensive icons and select the closest defender in that area to try to prevent your opponent for wanting to pass there.


  • I would like to see player injuries and a less automatic 2nd and 3rd string position battle in H2H games.
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  • Less unforced dropped passes. Plain and simple. If my ALL PRO WR or TE is wide open, he should not drop an unrushed or unforced pass as often as it happens. It seems like the game prefers the "throw on the run into coverage to a 4th string receiver as the QB is being hit" completions on 3rd or 4th and double digits vs the "3rd or 4th and 2 pass to a wide open All Pro who drops it" play. And EA thinks this is fun for all parties?
  • Please bring back tapping L2/LT Quarterback scrambling. That would be so awesome
  • dsoler6
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    Make the front 4 good again!!! #passrush There is no pass rush coming from the front 4 by the CPU! I have changed the sliders all the way down to 0 pass block and no team in my league has more than 10 sacks week 7!
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  • EA_Blueberry
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    12thman74 wrote: »

    3. Why is there no quick double team option in the game? They need to add it to the coaching adjustments menu and you should also be able to choose who you want to double.

    Second that.

    Thank you for the list and everyone else contributing here. Keep it coming.
  • I think that jump snap should come back. However it will work like this. When you use it your pressure on the line will influence the tone of the linemen around you. It can also come with an aim stick to help keep the linemen around you guessing.
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  • The-Sporty-Hero
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    I also think that the that the coin flip needs to come back into the picture. Plus a defender should be able to stack the box automatically if they have a mvp superstar x factor by them.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • The "aggressive catch" doesn't work I'm sure you heard about it, but my thing why it can't be like it "Madden 17" when it was up to "user vs user". Now it's non-existent. The cornerbacks with an overall rating of a 73 and jump rating of 80 Mossing wide receivers like Mike Evans who is 6'5 and his jump is 97. You have had all of these low rates or average corners playing like "Dion" and "Bailey" on the game.

    If you guys cant doing something about the aggressive catch. At least y'all can tone down the cornerback play. Let them play like their ratings. If they have an 80 jump rating make them play like it...

    Or a 50-50 ball rating and the rating should go by jump rating, spec. catch rating, catch in traffic rating, average them all up, and go by a letter grade rating like school.
  • Please fix the ability for online madden players to see their online record and their rankings when playing online. That is broken in this game and has been broken in online now for 2 maddens games in a row now. I want to be able to see my ranking and my record, but I can't because that small part of the game is broken. Please patch and fix that glitch. Im tired of seeing it and please stop ignoring it....
  • I want the rushing attack mini game to come back to online play as well as classic teams. In the future we could combine them in a new mechanism.
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  • LazyLewie85
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    JayD24...that was patched last week finally...after three years lol.

    EA -
    Can we please for the love of God bring back the "fair-play" option in H2H? This was an option in Madden back in the day when the game was actually fun to play. For those that do not know, "fair-play" forced your opponent to punt if you shut them down on 3rd down. They simply would have no other available options other than punt. It only occurred if you were in your own territory though. For instance, if I were on my own 30 and went 3 and out, I would have to punt...every other option would be greyed out. If I were on my opponent's 30 though, and the yardage was less then 2-3 yards to go, I would have the option of going for it. Also, as the game winds down and you get deep into the 4th quarter, you can then go for it whenever you want. Defense has it hard enough as it is...something like this would help bring balance back to the playing field. This would go a long way in bringing the game back to the "sim" that you claim it is.

    It would be awesome if this were an option to play with in online H2H. There could be a "Fair-Play" mode and the regular cheese mode. These are the types of things fans really want but I know you do not care and will not do it... maybe someone from 2K is reading and will put it in their new game. I will find out soon!

    Also, please bring back scouting to online H2H. This was also a feature in Madden back in the day that was removed for idiotic reasons. You could see who you were going to play, what team they were going to use, their win/loss record , full stats , etc. I understand that people used this to search for scrubs, but there is an easy solution to that. Winning against lesser opponents gives you far less progress points then beating a good team with a good record. Therefore if someone wanted to abuse this system and hunt for bums all day, they would not be advancing on the leaderboards because they would not be gaining enough points. Beat good teams to climb the leaderboards. You know, in real life, teams know who they are playing and do not go into each contest as a blind draw. Scouting was great as it allowed me to see how often they ran the ball, no huddled, rage quit, etc. I was so upset when this was removed but all of my complaints fell on def ears, as I am sure this will too. Why am I even typing this lol ...no way any of this gets addressed...I know this company too well.

    Anyways, these are two things that were featured in Madden when it was actually a respectable game and greatly improved the overall experience. I know you will not even consider either of these things but I am praying that you maybe look into one of them. 2K is coming baby and I CAN NOT WAIT !!!! I will gladly play a non sim game that has basic features lol.

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  • The-Sporty-Hero
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    I think gang tackles and and rpo plays need to be beefed up with new meter sticks.
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    Madden fan since 93.
  • I would like a new redzone read and react system. I have no other fixes or thoughts to put in the game, thanks. I only have Ideas I don't expect them all to be in the game. :)
    Madden fan since 93.
  • How about making it more realistic? Like players 15 yards away can’t make a play on the ball?
  • Once again I cant see my online record and my ranking because I waited almost 30 minutes for an online game to load. The wait was so long, I turned my game off, but then when I went to restart Madden and get back online for head to head gaming again, my record and my ranking was gone once again. For god sakes EA, if you are going to patch this and fix this issue, then please fix all the way and make the fix permanent. I shouldnt be going back online and seeing my ranking and record consistently keep going away any and every time I turn my game off. Please fix this issue. Also like I mentioned earlier, I just waited almost 30 minutes during a loading screen to play someone in a online game. I should absolutely never have to wait that long for a loading screen to finish just to play someone online in a game head to head. Please fix that issue and as well and speed up the process of these loading screens. Thank you..
  • Another thing is H2H penalties. WR are being mugged and tackled and nothing is called. But I’ve noticed if you sack the qb on certain pass plays it’s ruled roughing.
  • I was really looking forward to playing MUT with my friend but we can NEVER load in together, we've tried every suggested fix we could find. Really unfortunate.
  • One thing I hate is when my receiver catches the ball in the air with a defender near him and I start landing from the jump but then I get a animation that makes my player jump again with the defender who did not tune it right and this goes for online and offline. I don’t know how I get an animation where I catch it but then get another animation right after that makes me drop the pass it’s pathetic.
  • Oh I also hate when I go to slide, I start to slide and my qb is hit and fumbles. Happens 90% of the time
  • Madden needs to have some Quarterbacks (not all), get out and block on run plays when they are in open space with their running backs. I have seen Quarterbacks in the past during games, when they see their running backs running towards them when a play breaks down or the running play is coming in the direction of the quarterback, then the QB will lead the way for the running back and try to get out and either block for the running back or at least get into the defender's way. I really believe that needs to be put into Madden.
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