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How to stop slants

Hi is there a consistent way to stop late hitting slants?

I like man double buzz but the safety I’m not usering never covers the slant once it gets past the hash & the man cover corner always runs into someone.
Zones never drop back far enough as they cover the flat.
Man 2 always too deep plus the cb runs into someone.
Man Pressure leaves the slant open earlier for big gains.
Zone pressure the zones cover the under routes first, & usually only leaves you one middle hook/curl zone which slants destroy.

I’ve also tried db leverage adjustments but they still get beat by 5-10 yards when guessed correctly


  • LazyLewie85
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    edited October 2020
    If they are continually hitting slants, you may have to user and get on the inside of the receiver, between him and the QB, and stay with him until you see his reads progress. Bump and run actually gives slants an advantage so avoid press coverage.
  • Run cover 2 and adjust your flats to drop 10 yards and maybe 5 yards on the hook zone players. Should help stop the late and early throw of the slant. You may have to play with the adjustment depth, but that's my estimate without turning the game on and trying it.
  • I tend to use cover 2 and cover 3 to stop the slant routes.
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