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Competitive Modes

I was very disappointed to learn that Salary Cap mode would not be supported this year as it was in previous years. There was a 2000 salary cap, which still allows all of the best players to be on the same team.

The result of this decision was devastating to theme teams like mine. At least in previous years I could justify using gold players in competitive play because it reduced the cap. But now I'm just losing games because I'm choosing to have a theme team. Which really stinks. I really wish they would've stuck with salary cap at a reasonable level (like 1000).

So I've thought about an alternative that would still allow EA to encourage players to buy as many cards as possible (since this is obviously why this change was made).

During club competitions, more wins or strong strength of schedule could be granted to teams that have the most players from the clubs brackets they're registered to. For example, if I'm registered in the Browns Club, my wins will count for more than someone using all the good players, because let's face it they have a huge advantage. This would help further help sort out who has all the best players and put them in one bracket (probably the Eagles, 49ers, or Saints) where they can fight one another for the right to be the most money spent and the biggest god squad.

Maybe next year there will be greater consideration for competitive play that doesn't require everyone to have the same players, run the same offense and defense, and generally take the soul out of the game.
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