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Can we figure out a way to fix how players play crossing routes. Players in man to man will stick with a deep crossing route all the way across field but can’t stick with a TE man to man on a shallow crossing route. Linebackers and safeties don’t play shallow corner routes good enough unless you double the TE which takes a man off another receiver. Can We fix this issue so there is some kind of balance?


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    Do you use Cover 2 sink and put your DE on QB spy or shallow coverage? That works for me, anyone else have recommendations?
  • No I will try this next time i play. I usually tried going man and dropping my DE’s in like a cover 2. Thanks for the insight. Appreciate it.
  • Mtgman00
    1 posts New member

    -So ever since the last huge update not todays , I don't know about anyone else but I have 90 overall Secondary , and for this secondary to continuously to be beat is ridiculous "Deion Sanders" FULL UPPED, T white Buffalo, Woodson Fully upped , this secondary should never get beat long and yet I see Deion getting beat all the time Woodson , etc, etc hope this gets fixed.
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