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The game is unplayable

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Every single play ! I respect every single play there has to be a minimum of 100 things wrong with game!! The players all play the same like robots! The plays are scripted so having different players doesn’t do anything unless u have an ability which doesn’t matter which player u have it on!!!!
Block sheds are opposite when u have LBs and D-Lineman struggling and DBs shedding blocks with ease!!
Ask anyone that’s plays football no one can stop on a dime going full speed and ESPECIALLY DBS that have to react as well
The plays I see these defensive backs make are insane and it doesn’t matter who it is !!! I have a flood concept and the CB guarding the Fly is facing the receiver and as soon as I throw the ball, the CB flips his hips and turns around with no reaction or physically turning his head to see that the ball was thrown, and makes a interception on the pass and takes it to the house!!! Oh and by the way I play Ultimate Team online but this applies for every game mode besides like the yard

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  • I have been complaining about psychic DB's for years and it still hasn't been fixed. I'm my franchise everyone is throwing 30-40 interceptions every season. If it isn't the psychic DB's its the tip balls. I have a 90 catch and 90 catch in traffic TE. But every time he gets the jump animation and most of the time is for no reason He drops the ball. The WR jump for passes they don't need to and drop the ball or it gets picked off. All DB's and even linebackers have make up speed like they are all Deion Sanders. And the block shedding makes me livid. I have a 300 pound lineman block a 180 pound CB and the CB sheds the block like He was never touched. Game is to unrealistic and needs a serious makeover.
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