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Suspect gameplay issues making M21 hard to enjoy

The CPU side of the game and the user side of the game are 2 completely different games. The running game is so broken that the CPU has to cheat the user to be competitive, mostly through erratic interceptions or scripted blown overages. EXAMPLES:

Suspect WR routes, and bad passing angles are back:

Lets look at the drag. We've got WR working for negative yards on drags. After the catch is made, in the negative from horizontal direction, a user wants to get up field. But for madden that angle is too sharp, so the WR drops down into a cutting animation, where the player freezes up, and the tackle is made. But, the times this will happen most, is when the user needs those two yards, and the CPU needs a stop.

So you, might say, you have to lead the receiver, push up on the D pad to eliminate the negative yardage catch. Sure that works, sometimes. But beware, playing on road, in the rain, or if the CPU is desperate, that lead pass, will "SAIL" over the WR, who wont even act like a ball is coming (ive had balls go by players heads) right into safeties hands for the auto int. SO the game can be decent, decent, decent, and then boom trash, its like why is this broken madden-gods moment so bad.

Suspect DBs (for the user are back):

So we have to set the stage with line play. Users get a limited amount of time in the pocket. All of the zone blitzs and defenses that a USER would never dare use, those all work for the CPU. But when the CPU needs a completion they have plenty of options, and one is an infinite amount of time in the pocket where the QB just stands.

User DBs do this, say the CPU runs the hook route, the USER DB just stands and hides behind the WR. Not in front the WR, not read to make a play, just conveniently behind the WR. Then the pass comes right to the DB, do they jump it, nope, too far, back and too slow. Do they make the tackle maybe, but never the play. So even the covered WR is wide open when the CPU needs a play. Which is all the time because so many plays and routes and the entirety of the run game is broken.

Lets talk CPU DBs. These guys know the play they know the route, so if they need to jump it, they do. We see USER CPU get a face guarding. CPU DBs, will run the route in front of the WR, like they are showing them the way. If a CPU DB is anywhere near a WR its an incomplete pass. My favorite animation, is the "shove to drop ball" that when played on instant replay is PASS INTERFERENCE, because the shove comes before the ball arrives. But that's OK in madden.

CPU QBs are constantly INTENTIONALLY GROUNDING. Pocket awareness or this basic rule simply is not coded into the game. BUT, but, but USER QBs cant intentionally throw a ball away.

CPU has magic plays: one of them is the SLANT. Its just hard to play when players on defense, dont seem to see the ball or react to the ball. MADDEN 21 is loaded with this slant play, where the Safety doesn't seem to care about or see the ball, and the slant occurs right behind his head, for an automatic catch, often to the house, if your DB is slower than a 92 spd. YOU guys all know the play, and the player working back to the ball, has to jump over a fallen defender, and by the time that hurdle is made, its over, youve given up six. When a defender jumps another player, your toast. But its like every game.

USER linebakers, have that "nano blitz" induced back jump which always leads to exploitation by the CPU. Its hard to know if its play action, or a run play, but beware, your MLB might seize up in the A, or B gaps. This is mostly when the CPU needs big play. And its Sad when MADDEN 21 needs to override user input, and make the players look dumb, just so the CPU can what, make a play.

Why are all the running move gone?

Football is running and passing. But madden 21 destroyed anything that might be fun about running the football.

There is no spin move. Honestly, i dont know what a successful spin move even looks like in madden 21 because it simply doesn't happen.

THE JUKE is completely gone. Its been replaced, by a corny freeze in place animation. The ball carrier, drops down, freezes in place, losses all speed and gets tackled. I'd say 1/100 times I do get some sort of goofy looking juke to evade a defender, but its rare and terribly unsatisfying.

Hurdle was never a move, and the CPU will make a player hurdle others when it needs to regardless of user input.

I cant fathom why "celebration" is L2

QB slide is double tap X. But its strait up corny how it happens. So on the first tap, the running QB begins a slow motion dive over the pile mechanic, but if that second tap is quick enough and you havent already fumbled, a slide animation will finally, take place. My REAL ISSUE here is why, it never needed anything to be fixed. A flick of the X button has worked for what five, ten, years. This is not innovation EA, this is trash changes for the sake of justifying salary.

CPU running game is so bad, it doesn't even exist. SO with suspect run plays and suspect blocking and no moves that work. The CPU cant run the football on any formation. I shut down the run with the QUARTER defense. Eventually forcing CPU sliders, and scripts to make freak occurrences happen to put up break away points.

Im gonna keep going....

There is this really suspect beat press moment where a CPU WR, typically on the right, will ghost, just freez a DB and run by for a free 9 route score. When you look at the instant. The DB is getting beat in press, but not touching the WR, the arms just waive around. And the jab step makes the DB jump and freeze and panic, and no ground can be made up regardless of relative player speeds. Its just a strange moment always waiting in the wings.

CPUs best pass play: all the WR run 50 yards, the QB waits 12 seconds, then the WR stand still, then in 15 seconds all the receivers work 20 yards back to the ball, for a guaranteed completion. We all know this play because this is how the CPU plays offense and the only way for it to stay competitive.

The playbooks are filled with so many unusable plays, that the CPU still uses so it has to find scripted cheese to actually make its gains.

Ever notice that Player speed for the USER is different than player speed for the CPU. CPU players with 88 speed can break away for touchdowns. But USER players with 95 speed can get caught from behind. Its the only way for a game with such bad CPU logic to keep things competitive, but it just feels so suspect.

GOD, i dont want to think this MADDEN 21 is unplayable, I want to find a way to make it work. but these gameplay issues make it so hard. Im considering going back to 20.

Seriously, CAN madden 20 owners get a roster update and just go back to that game that had far better novel gameplay, with actual moves and less glitches. For real, I'll take the rosters and just go live there.

Its hard right now guys, and the way these things are broken right now... i dont think a patch is going to right the ship

25 year madden veteran


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