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Clyde Edwards-Helaire shows why MADDEN 21 gameplay (running) is broken

CEH has terrible combine scores. A 4.6 40 yard dash time earned him a 86 speed in madden. OKAY. An 86 speed in madden is basically unusable. This is a lot like Jacobs from last season. So CEH is actually pretty good in the NFL, hes doing work. Great vision, great leverage, compact moves and strong legs are all his traits. But is Madden 21 CEH is just slow. 21 doesn't allow users to make moves, or break tackles, or make effective jukes, or run between the tackles. I'm sure CEH will be getting an update to awareness, and BCV here shortly, but none of these ratings are going to actually make him usable, because his speed is not going to change.

Were not sure how COD, or change of direction, works because players are constantly stopping in place when we try to change directions. But madden 21 programmers thought they needed a new rating, which thus far partnered with reduced quality in gameplay and running.

CEH is good in real life but trash in Madden, and the way madden works, they dont have any way to fix that, to make him a usable player.

The entire concept of breaking tackles or running the ball has been lost in MADDEN 21


  • LOL I called it boys: CEH is upto an 81 overall on madden but he still sucks as an RB because he is too slow and speed is the only that matters in the Madden 21 run game... Its hilarious. They can update his scores all winter long but it wont matter because he is sloooooooowwww and the none of the madden moves work, juke broken, spin non existent, and stiff arm doesn't even bring the arm up, and change of direction doesn't matter. We knew the updates were coming for the young stud. But Madden cant him good. No way, no how. His speed is 86 and that will never cut it at RB. Good real life player, but madden 21 ain't about that.
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    I guess it's broken because I could not run for even 50 yards in my last match.
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  • It was a better experience tonight. I'm just giving an update.
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