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EA I have a serious question I am not being a troll. How many hours do the developers spend playing Madden before the final product is finished? And how many of them have played football at a high level?

Just played a game in my franchise and this is what happened and what I noticed.

I hit the QB as He was throwing the ball and he was still able to throw a wobbly ball 40 yards for a completion. His arm strength is 88 if anyone is wondering even though that shouldn't matter. It should have been an incomplete pass with the ball traveling 5-10 yards TOPS.

My opponent's defense sat in cover 4 almost the entire game with his DB's aligned inside about 8 yards from the sidelines. I should have been able to kill him throwing outs all game but I couldn't because the game is so unrealistic. The defenders were still able to beat me to the outside running outs better then my WR's.

Pressure on the QB needs to get turned up. The QB has all day to throw the ball even on a blitz where I send more men than the offense can block.

On screen passes the offensive lineman need to hit the first man they see. I ran a screen and my o-lineman went past the defender ran up field to block the safety. First one that crosses the o-lineman's face is the first one he is supposed to hit and sustain his block.

When I pass the ball and it gets caught by lets say my RB or TE. How come the WR keeps running up field, because his back is turned and he doesn't know the ball has been thrown yet. So why doesn't this same thing apply to the CB and safeties? They immediately turn around without ever planting or seeing the ball thrown and converge to make the tackle. They shouldn't even know the ball was thrown yet. Why are defenders able to flip there hips so quick and never have to plant there feet to change direction?

My TE with 90 catch 90 catch in traffic dropped 4 balls last game. All jumping for no reason and he got hit and dropped the ball. Same issue as last Madden that we thought was fixed.

Tune down man coverage to really reflect the ratings, fix super user, fix outside routes so they actually work, fix catch in traffic, fix animations where my WR/TE don't jump for the ball when they don't need to.

And why every time there is an update to fix something u break and ruin something else????

Give is back full user control and get rid of animations once and for all. If I hit a RB for a 2 yard loss and my other defenders come in to clean him up the game needs to reflect that. Not I hit him and he goes forward for 2 yards even though 3 defenders hit him and stopped his momentum. These animations ruin this game nobody wants them.

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