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Disappointed Madden Community

I have been a Madden NFL fan as long as I can remember. I’ve loved this game so much and have consistently bought it every year. As a football player and die hard fan of the NFL, playing Madden was the ultimate satisfaction for me.

With my love for football and my love for this game, there are a lot of things that need to be addressed and talked about, and somehow given to the Madden Creators at EA Sports.

This current Madden is absolutely horrible. The Madden Community needs and deserves something better than what’s being put out. The Madden Community are the ones making EA Sports richer every year, and to only get a garbage game every year in return. If I could think of words to describe how Madden has been these past few year, I would use Stagnant, Complacency, or Disappointing etc.

Madden does not feel immersive at all whatsoever! The Madden Community wants the closest things possible to what we feel and see on Sunday’s, Monday’s, and Thursday’s!

Please switch up what your doing Madden. Get creative and more detailed. It’s 2020 and the product you are putting out is not up to par. Switch up the announcers, provide new commentary, etc. The list goes on and on.

The announcers during a Sunday day game are not the same announcers for a Sunday night game. The announcers are not the same for a Monday or Thursday night game. Get creative! Attention to detail please. Get us as close to a NFL broadcast and NFL gameplay as you can. The Madden Community is looking for that and deserves it.

I’ve played Madden 21 and this is the first year I haven purchased Madden. It’s horrible and unworthy. We are tired of the same ole thing over and over again! FIX IT.

Madden doesn’t make my jaw drop anymore. The only thing I say is, here we go again. I honestly think Madden and EA sports should not put out another product until 2022 and call it simply Madden Next Gen or Madden Next Generation. You need more than a year to provide the Madden Community with what we want. One year doesn’t seem like enough time for Madden and EA Sports to come up with a wow product.

Seriously and honestly please don’t put out another Madden next year. Take next year off. Take your time and create us something great. Create us something memorable. Make the Madden Community appreciate you and the game. The current game is horrible and I hate it. You take our money but don’t give us our money’s worth in return.

I have my PS5 locked in and I really hope Madden and ea sports don’t put out some **** on this spectacular console Sony is getting ready to release. Madden 21 Next gen better be great or it’s a waste of time. Im **** because I love Madden and it can damn sure be better.




  • I agree completely. Madden used to be a true simulation.
  • The gameplay is ridiculous. No real football logic applies.
  • Madden still makes my jaw drop... more in frustration and yelling curse words because the game is garbage...
  • Madden has disrespected their community for years this is beyond acceptable the game barely has realism in it NFL player spoke out themselves about how bad of a game this is The best they can do is show a 99 Madden chain cuz some people are obsessed with virtual trading cards.. I make a living off trading cards no pun intended.. I play everyday and ask myself why can't these guys just make a smoothed operating football game or a situational chess match in a football game not something I can find at Dave & Buster's on a arcade machine... some people don't have time or money to play MUT for hours to build a fantasy team some players want to play a traditional franchise mode or H2H online match up with the NFL being a "franchise organization" how do you drift away from a mode that's the base of the "business" you can go look back all the way to 2017 I've been writing chapters of how to improve this game more and more I play but the more and more I realize EA don't care for
    much for the game for football to replicate it the way it should be!! Madden Fan across the world spoke when it trended on twitter multiple times I'm done with Madden EA sports as a whole might play UFC 4 everything else is true trash send this to the higher up let them read it the game play director read it.. ratings itself only stand out in MUT...replicate Monday night football Thursday night football and traditional Sunday games get the data corrected CMC shouldn't have 22 catches after a 100+ reception year Lamar jackson should average 55yrds a game rushing.. if YOURE Really simulating a season of them
  • EA Sports and Madden are so far behind the curve of gameplay and presentation to the point where it's just laughable now. They continue to show that they do not care about their customers. They don't care about their fan base because they have a monopoly. Since they have a monopoly, they will always have a consumer fan base as it's literally the only game in town. Nothing is going to change anytime soon.

    I commented on the presentation post to discuss their problems with presentation, so if you're curious about that, feel free to check it out. But the cliff notes version is this. They have had an ESPN license for the past 15 years, but have chosen not to use it. That style of presentation would make the game so much better in itself.

    But gameplay is by far the worst thing about Madden. They don't use the proper game engine. The game engine they use is for first person shooters and RPG games and not for sports sims. They do not have any actual physics implemented in the game. All Pro Football 2k8 is the standard still, and it shouldn't be as it's now 2020. That game had real physics to it. EA Sports doesn't know what physics is.

    We have guys like Clint Oldenburg who is a failed professional lineman, developing the game. He couldn't play in the NFL and was cut by many teams, and was even cut in the CFL. Do we really have to wonder why offensive line play has been atrocious for how many years now? The proof is in itself right there with that statement.

    EA Sports needs to do a complete overhaul of this game. Top to bottom. It has to start with the suits though, because it's the suits who won't let developers work on the game outside of MUT, because that's what makes them so much money. Children are essentially gambling their parents money and EA Sports makes $$$$ in return. Until the suits stop liking money, or we get another company to have access to making NFL sim games, or consumers smarten up and stop buying the game, we will never see EA Sports care about improving the quality of the game.
  • I feel like maddens dev upgrades need to be updated as well Secondary players unless they are hidden dev star, superstar. Rarely get a bump unless they qualify in the top 8 in tackles and deflections. Considering if you are using a team you won’t get more then a cpu in a given season. I feel as tho they need to update it to better suit the dev traits of DBs I.e. deflections and INTs
  • The OP talks about how the game is 'horrible each year' but the only specific thing he mentioned was announcers. So if he is saying the game is 'horrible' because we don't get different announcers, I'm going to the "that guy" on this one.

    I do not want EA to see threads like this and figure "ok.... for madden 22, we'll keep game play basically the same; we'll keep franchise mode basically the same; we'll just let the user select select which team of announcers they get to have." And let's be honest... if there are 5 teams of announcers, we'll all have 5 teams of announcers to complain about. But I digress.

    I am responding to this because I want EA to see that hard core gamers want game play. If EA has to choose between, say totally revamping the 22 year old kick return game and and addressing announcers, I want them to see that the we really want to see changes in game play before we worry about announcers, camera angles and mouth pieces.

    Not trying to troll but they need to hear it.
  • It's very disappointing what's happened to this game. It's just a money pit pay-to-play game now that focuses on LLC inspired gimmicks. Every 6 weeks there's a new "season" of new "cards" that cost LOTS of money to have any chance at obtaining. The game is wonky. But the worst is, there's no way to play your MUT team against your Friends' MUT teams and you pay to have server access. What's the point of spending money on player cards and then you can't compete against your best friends? But you can against total strangers. Dumb. Lazy. Stupid.
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