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CFM salary issues for multiple user league year 2

We have had some issues with salaries at the start of free agency continuing into year two. Teams have traded away high contracts yet the game still says they are negative cap. Any idea how to fix it?

For instance I’m the Titans and I traded tannehill and after a franchise tag traded clowney yet it is still showing I’m -13 M. We cleared all the cap penalties on all user teams. When I go into salaries it shows the total max salary of $222m and that my team only occupies $160m of that. So I should have money to spend. Yet when I go to sign a free agent or trade for a player it says I’m -13.3m in cap. Can anyone make sense of this for me please?


  • In years past this could be solved by dropping a different player as well. Technically you can sign someone as well to fix this but being negative cap that’s not an option. Drop a bum you don’t need and it should resolve.
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