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Outside gameplay changes

Honestly as of right now I believe the gameplay as far as the pass game I feel as if it slightly improved and run game has also gotten slightly more difficult. A couple more realistic gang and solo tackle animations and 1on1 catching animations for WRs wouldn’t be bad.

However, besides the gameplay what would be better changes through the audio and visual aspect. Also what off-field features should be controlled ??


  • Enthusiasm from the announcer and crowd would be cool.
    And seeing players doing personal celebrations like Barry Sanders tossing the ball to the ref or for ravens players do the Ray Lewis dance or if ur versing then and want to be a little disrespectful. Deion’s high step before the end zone.
    Coaches emotion, player emotion, and the reactions to big plays from on and off-field players.
    Defensive team celebrations, I haven’t seen one team get an interception and the dude celebrated alone.
    Talking celebrations, is it possible into have live celebrations like they have live playbooks ??
    Off-field things would be cool in franchise mode if your player was on the sideline as a qb or safety and you had to be a leader and hype up your team because you know your down or have to make a big stop or score. Just an idea
    You guys let me know what changes you think would be better from these aspects.
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