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Better solo challenges and solo battles rewards ??

It seems to be that if you don’t spend money in ultimate team you will never verse somebody at the same overall or worse than you. I’m not saying add impossible challenges that take me days to complete but simple fast ones that get better rewards.
Like it would be pretty cool if there was a weekly challenge and it was based off the game of the week and you had to complete it and you only get 1 chance. You can’t restart it. And the rewards is like an 84+ or something. Give the grinders some love too. And favorite players should be easy to get. Like at the beginning of the year you should be able to select 1 current player and get his card every time it upgrades throughout the year. But you wouldn’t be allowed to quicksell him or sell him on auction. Like Dalvin Cook is one of my favorites but the man is like 300k for his up to date good card for grinders like me it’s heartbreaking because I won’t be able to get that card until he’s outdated or if I sell everyone on my team to get him.


  • I am 100% on board with this!
  • I like the idea of a weekly Solo Challenge as you @Cam_peternell describe.

    I also fully agree that Solo Battle rewards should be better, in particular for the lower tiers. at the moment, Solo Battle rewards are good for players who rank top 100 in the weekly leaderboard (as I do regularly on PC). but since there is still this glitch defensive play (which has never been solved in M20, so it will not be solved in M21, I'd assume) that helps a lot to maximise the Solo Battle score, Solo Battles are either not satisfying in terms of rewards (i.e. the lower reward tiers) or no fun (if you want to rank top 100 and do always the same; or even use this glitch (which I don't). It makes it so difficult for players who want to play straight (i.e. without using this glitch) to qualify for the top 100. I posted my thoughts on how to improve the fun for players of playing Solo Battles here: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/263334/solo-battles-feedback
    That's why I propose (once again):
    1. increase the rewards for lower tiers in Solo Battles.
    2. remove the top 100 rewards
    3. add more score-based tiers at the top: 275.000, 300.000, 315.00, 325.000 and maybe also 330.000 and make the TD packs accessible via these additional tiers (from my perspective at least the first 2 new tiers are really important since a player with at least some Madden experience will win all Solo Battle games easily but has no incentive to play better)
    4. and finally, from my perspective the most important issue: please add a MUT Solo Season mode! (see https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/262853/mut-solo-season-mode-is-an-absolute-must-have#latest)

    and in addition: I think it would be a great idea if the rewarded coins do not depend on the tiers but directly on the Solo Battles score: e.g. 1 coin per 2 Solo Battle points. that would defuse the disappointment when players barely missed a rewards tier (by one point in the worst case).

    I'd really love to see a MUT Solo Season mode with a difficulty level of your choice. not only by changing the difficulty level Rookie vs. All Madden, or Arcade vs. Competitive, etc. but also allowing to boost your opponents' OVR. for instance, if you are well experienced, it still might be a challenge to play with your optimised MUT team if you face a team with a huge speed advantage. and it would remain challenging, if players could increase this differential more and more the better the are. I have written a lot of thoughts on this idea in this forum (https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/262853/mut-solo-season-mode-is-an-absolute-must-have). would be interested in your opinion on that.

  • I think a MUT solo season sounds amazing, I love the idea and would play it a ton
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