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Give us back our MLBs, Please!! No CPU override in the A, B gaps

What is going on with this CPU override where we cant blitz the A-gap. Why in the Madden God's name would the programmers decide to stop a user controlled linebacker, make him pause run backwards, and then give us control again. Is this some strange way to compensate for nano blitzes?? It is so trash, its inconsistent as crazy. Nobody wants to lose control of their player during the game. This is backwards innovation. It makes no sense to just freeze and LB, because he got too hot of a jump... fix the center, fix the RB, fix the line. BUT don't CPU override nurf the LB... its like if the LB is slow he can run through, but if hes fast then he has to get this CHEESE NURF LB BACK juke.

Sure some of the patches are slowly improving gameplay, we are trying to tolerate things, but this LB crazy back juke, freeze animation is horrible. Theres also some strange horizontal freak out the LB will do... Just cut all that out of the game PLEASE my goodness.

Not like safeties arn't getting free reign at the QB between the tackle and guard.


Is it an imaginary "orange cone" we have to run around? Do we have to wait two seconds to blitz? Should we not use the RT to speed up and just walk around? Come on man, tighten it up


  • Rippers2222
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    edited October 2020
    Its not just linebackers, usered linemen go into a slow down and shuffle mode most of the time once they get a free pass to the QB. Kinda ironic since EA touted the new defensive line moves, but now punishes the player for actually being able to win off a block.
  • It applies to safeties as well at least when rushing A gap and their assigned a coverage
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