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[PS5] Madden 21 - Sim-Style League with Openings (MBL)

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Hey everyone. MBL is opening its recruiting to the public! We are an established league 3 years running, and we are switching from Xbox to PS5, so we're starting brand new, but have a great structure in place, and are ready to start brand new with our preferred console! All teams are available, and we will begin playing the weekend the PS5 releases or the following week depending on a user vote.

We do power rankings, have team twitters, and we stream our games!! NXFL is an All-Madden Simulation Connected Franchise consisting of 32 ACTIVE users. We have structure, rules, everything you'd ever want in a league, we are sponsored on Twitter as well. Rules: Play like what you see on Sunday. No nano blitzes, no running the same play, don't convert your HB to WR. No quitting or DC'ing. Play SIM, realistic football.

But obviously our rules are greater than that, and you will read them when you join the Discord.

How to join: Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/eS72huG and we’ll get you all set up!!

Join our Discord and join the best Madden community for Madden 21!
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