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Issue with stats for traded players

What’s up everyone,

I wanted to know if anybody else has the same issue as me during a franchise.

When I trade for a player in my franchise (in this example I am the Patriots and I trade Ja’Whaun Bentley to the Eagles for Jalen Hurts and a 5th), for some reason, when I look at his stats after I advance a week, the CPU acts like Jalen Hurts is both on the Pats and the Eagles. So after the first week he has more than 400 yards (because he gets +/- 200 in both games) and most of the times like 4/5 TDs.

Does anybody have experience with this glitch and if yes, how do I not let this happen (I even tried putting Hurts at 4th string, so basically no way he’s playing any snap for me and he still gets 200+ yards because the computer acts as if he’s still on the Eagles)?

TIA guys
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