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Just Too Choppy, Too Many Cut Scenes. Imagine this...

Imagine a game where the celebrations, the first down sequence, the huddles, the sidelines, the refs, kept the user entirely on the field for the whole game. Imagine huddles, and a no huddle offense. Imagine players running to get on and off the field. Imagine if calling "no huddle" kept the Defense on the field. Imagine a football simulation, that hugged so tightly to the real NFL, that you actually felt like you were "in the game". Imagine if the endzone celebrations came directly from NFL players each week like redzone, imagine if there were referees in game, and chain gangs. Imagine if the players didn't move like synchronized swimmers. Imagine if while almost no fans are allowed in the stands because of covid, that Madden had empty stands. Or if coaches wore masks. Imagine if you could DESIGN YOUR OWN PLAYS, on offense or defense. Imagine if players felt so unique and realistic to the real life player in the league, like big dominant receivers that can actually catch fades, or back shoulder passes. Or running backs like Kamara that where actually illusive, and used stiff arms, or broke tackles. Small RBs that are hard to find in the trees, and big RBs that push piles... Imagine if every play you ran felt so unique and that player movement and scheme made all the difference always resulting in a new "feel" for the game. Imagine if this was madden, because its not.

This is madden, stop, watch a video, wait to be able to call a play, clock runs hyper speed, run play, stop watch a video, wait to be able to call a play, choose up down left right, watch a movie, run a play, see a cut scene that says "first down" wait, to be able to run a play. I cant get to exited to get to my playbook or I'll accidentally have picked spike ball.

I need so badly to be able to turn off the option to chose, up down left or right for some cheesy celebration that nobody has ever done. All the flexing? Ive never seen an NFL player literally throw a ball in the air, like its a volleyball, and "spike" it into the ground.. never. But I'm sure someone at EA thinks this is so funny. What about jumping up and doing a split, on turf, like this is "Dancing with the stars". I'd like to be able to spike a ball behind my head, but EA hasn't though of that. Can I just make a good old Jimmy Grahm power spike. How many guys pretend like the ball is stuck. Maybe I could spin a football or something. Something like how it looks on Sunday. Maybe when a team is getting blown out by 4-touchdowns, they can really celebrate anymore... because they don't because they are getting destroyed.

We get cuts scenes of QBs standing up on benches, all through out the game and heavy in the fourth quarter. I have to pick a celebration as fast as I can, just to get the screen to go away. ALL ALL ALL I want to do is get back into the playbook and run a play. Remember when we used to hurry to the line... gone, doesn't matter anymore. Why are so many seconds being run off the clock, between each play, it seems random. I think and NFL team can get to the line in 8-12 seconds if it wants to. If the CPU needs a quick 3, it can magically get a 8 second run off, but even if you are full no huddle, it could be 18 seconds, plus a couple to hold the button, plus a couple to get under center... and oh yeah we cant hurry any of that up. Why if you go out of bounds with under 4 seconds before the two minute warning does the clock magically start again (glitch from last year, never fixed)

Imagine if EA had hard core nfl fans/madden player to consult with to make the game as real as possible. To live up to the moniker : "if its in the game, its in the game".

I want to get into a rythm and get through some of my season, and I am just exhausted of choosing "up down left or right" in between what seems like almost every play. Are there no humble players in the NFL? Goodness, what I would give to have the play books come up immediately, IMMEDIATELY, after a play ends, like a coach looking down at his play sheet. But no lets wait for a big dance, a big zoom in to stair at my player, in some strange angled camera like someone is laying on the field, then wait for the cut screen that says something else, ahhh then finally my playbook... Then run some clock down because we have to pay a tax for the cut scene.

Its hard guys, its hard right now. Is there a way to "juke" that I cant figure out, because I cant juke a soul right now. Juke is just a freeze. I'm relying on d-pad shoulder fakes, and slight taps of speed, and nothing else. I've stiff armed nobody. I can barely get an arm up .. In the NFL, player-RBs are stiffing arming and breaking tackles all the time. I've trucked not a soul. Ive never even completed 360 degrees of a spin in any sort of way on the field that has done anything effective... Real players spin fast, but in madden i guess I have to have an x-factor to get a full speed spin move. Has anyone ever spun out of a tackle? or does the spin require zero contact to be pulled off... It doesn't matter, they're in slow motion, who am I kidding. But I want so badly to run the rock, because i enjoy running the rock. There's one animation i hate the most: its the around the waste arm tackle, because it looks like I should break it, and it feels like my guy should try and break it and fight through or something.. , but alas, nothing, hes going to just give himself up.

I press cover ball, and it doesn't even look like the cover is happening. . .and it could be a high cover.

Imagine a high-knees button, a highstep, a stutter step, a jab step, actual precision control of an RB, a one cut a bounce out, a "patience" move a lunge for yards, a get low leverage move, a really good jump the pile... anything at all. Imagine if you could run Like LEV BELL, with that patience.

But in Madden 21, your just trying to not make any mistakes, not cut to hard, so your guy doesn't look silly. try not to cut to hard and freeze in place. trying to change direction but not jab step and lose all speed, or have all my blockers just turn the defense loose. Imagine if WR's didnt work backwards and try to break of run plays. Feels like the new COD player rating is just here to mock us, because the biggest challenge is change of direction. Why do guys who are accelerating, "float" and "glide" in the air as if feet and ground don't matter. How are QB's holding on to some of these balls during sacks, but then the ball pops out at the last second?

Imagine if the "challenge the play" box in the menu, ever allowed you challenge anything.

It just seems like so much could be possible, but nothing is happening.

I'm just choosing "up down right or left" for flex celebrate blah blah blah over and over and over again, mashing button desperately, to get to my play books. Hundred of times. For as many plays as I've run, because I'm good at madden, I've chosen an awful lot of celebrations after the play. I'm starting to wonder how much football am I really playing versus celebrating. What are these meters over my player... why do I have to be told to "shed block"... what If i dont want to see any of that. Why wont my players cover their man, over the top when its a man play, why is the CPU getting so many cross ups..

Your stats will look radically different, if you try to get out of bounce on every play possible as opposed to use moves that don't work and stay in bounds and suffer the brutal time penalties. Try going out of bounds all the time and watch how you can stack gaudy numbers. ..

Why is the CPU intentionally grounding so much. Why is the CPU changing and flipping entire formations constantly. DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT CPU INTENTIONAL GROUNDING... if its just me, and I shouldn't care, and shouldn't think its a big deal.. just let me know and I'll give up on the rule for the CPU, but subject myself to it on the other side.

Imagine running into the tunnel at halftime.. instead of disappearing. Image a post game that wasn't the snap shots that we cant take if we're not in the cloud.

I just want to play some football.. I'm just not sure if MADDEN 21 wants to let me.



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