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Kicked out of Solo Battles 3 weeks in A row

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I have been kicked out of Solo Battles 3 weeks in A row. I have finished 3 games and When it loads to the main Screen it say pending game results please wait and kicks me out. When I try to go back in it only shows the reward, but I still had a 4th game because I didn't hit legend I was short by 10k the 4th game would of gave that to me
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  • EA_Blueberry
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    Was this against the Chicago Bears? The team was made aware of that one causing DNFs and sent out compensation.

    It previously happened for the Miami Dolphins. If this is happening to you and not for any of those teams, this could be a connectivity issue where the results are being hung up at the end of the game.

    Which platform do you play on? We can run through basic troubleshooting to see if we can put this to a stop for you.
  • same thing has happened to me last 3 weeks
  • This is my fourth week in solo battles that the game don’t let me play pass ALL STAR
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    @Hotshoot1353 sorry to hear that. my first guess would be: when did you play your Solo Battle games? you have to play the first 4 games (excl. the featured opponent) and update the opponents once before the Friday update. otherwise updating opponents would skip the Wednesday update and directly go to the Friday update which results in losing the opportunity to play 4 games. I assume you were reaching the All Star tier by playing 9 games (which would fit to my guess). hope that helps.

    by the way, since I already read about this issue last year too (@EA_Blueberry): the information about Solo Battles (how updating opponents work; what you have to do to increase your skill points; ...) is really badly documented in the game. for players who play it the first time it is completely unclear. I would appreciate it if the dev team would add some more information on Solo Battles (and of course, refine the rewards scheme, as I already wrote quite often here: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/263334/solo-battles-feedback)
    1. increase the rewards for lower tiers in Solo Battles.
    2. remove the top 100 rewards
    3. add more score-based tiers at the top: 275.000, 300.000, 315.00, 325.000 and maybe also 330.000 and make the TD packs accessible via these additional tiers (from my perspective at least the first 2 new tiers are really important since a player with at least some Madden experience will win all Solo Battle games easily but has no incentive to play better)
    4. and finally, from my perspective the most important issue: please add a MUT Solo Season mode! (see https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/262853/mut-solo-season-mode-is-an-absolute-must-have#latest)

    and in addition: I think it would be a great idea if the rewarded coins do not depend on the tiers but directly on the Solo Battles score: e.g. 1 coin per 2 Solo Battle points. that would defuse the disappointment when players barely missed a rewards tier (by one point in the worst case).
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