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MADDEN 21: Flex, Signature, Swagger, Dance

I've gotten a good number of games under my belt at this point. I'm back to having my way destroying All Madden, it didn't take to long, with the giant hole behind the FS...

The play I feel like I run the most often in '21 is "Flex, Signature, Swagger, Dance".. I have to think the developers didn't play this product very much before release, or they would realize "oh my goodness, Flex, Signature, Swagger, Dance, happens way too much, and we don't have the variety to support such an option with out mind boggling levels of repetition". All I want is one of the options to be : NONE, move to next play. Maybe depress left stick could be NONE, or CLOSE.

The real irony, is that even if I don't chose one of the 4 options, and wait for the meter to run out, the CPU is going to pick (or subject) me to one of the options regardless... lets dig deeper

Flex: its usually a little dramatic for a mere one yard tackle for a loss, but it seems to be the shortest, so I usually pick some sort of over the top "flexation"

Signature: do all these defense players all have "signature move" to execute after every tackle for a loss and sack.. not really. None that I can identify. Come to think of it I dont know any defensive player in the NFLs signature move. So its always the same.

Swagger: I'm not sure if this is distinct enough from FLEX. Its usually the "exploding jump shot" or the "connor macgreggor arms" (UFC guy). But swagger tends to long and drawn out.

Dance: dance is the one I just cant bring myself to do. I mean to think a defender is going to make a one yard TFL, and suddenly break it down with goodness knows what, the chubby checker, or the backback kid.. I dont even know. I just don't want it on the field or from my players in the middle of the game. As if the D player just walked in the club.

I wanted to take time to break these down.. because I am subjected to doing these constantly. I think its the defensive play I run most often. Flex, signature, swagger, dance. over and over. If i keep playing Madden 21, grinding through seasons, I estimate I will have seen these same video clip thousands of times (maybe only in the hundreds for dance) and its just not that funny to me.

Too REALLY rub in my face one of the cut scenes uses a full blown up "EA" brand logo, that feels like it should come with a seizure warning, followed by a second "EA" explosion, on a full screen cut. Is this the time for brand recognition, "EA" is in the corner of the screen as well. Also, I dont need "move those chains" either. But the double "EA" explosion is too much, after I'm getting abused by flex signature swagger dance. Madden 20 tamed this by just getting it over with, and having a very very short timer.

I'm going to see thousands of these in the next few months aren't I

MY THING IS THIS: for developers that are so time conscious, so as to let people play "moments" or one side of the ball, why are we spending so much time off of the field, not playing the game. Even after the Flex Signature Swagger Dance—I don't feel badly writing this over and over because this is the heart of MADDEN 21 gameplay—and the exploding EA logos, lets fire up an Instant Replay... when will it end.

Where do the refs come from to give the referee signals.. my favorite "illegal procedure" for kicking kickoffs out of bounce, which never happens in the NFL, or a delay of game. Why bother cutting to a REF to have them show the gesture. Can we have some referee diversity? But madden hates wasting time, that's why the No-Huddle-Offense, warps and 20 seconds is wiped off the clock. Guys, we wont miss the refs. Just show the penalty (like the time penalties) and move us along. Because WHERE ARE THE REFS. I see camera men. I see synchronized teammates. But there are no refs anywhere, not in the stands not in the lockers. Not even in the coin toss, If your gonna take the refs away, just finish the job. PI doesn't exist. The CPU QBs are intentional grounding like there is no tommorow.. we dont need to see a ref on a cut scene who is not even in the game anymore.

Then we have Spike, Signature, Team, Dance and we do it all over again.. or Flex, Dance, Signature First down... and we do it all over again

Why is the CPU changing plays, the whole play at the line so much, entirely new formations, all the time. If we want to speed the game up, don't make me watch the CPU change plays all over the place.. Then if we change our D, the CPU might change the play back to the original in this odd back and forth. Was this part of the plan?

Last play of the game, I'm blowing out the CPU by 30+, they get a first down, and do an elaborate celebration, with no time left, and the next scene is the old, slam the play sheet. I'd slam the play sheet to if my guy was celebrating a meaningless garbage time first time, losing in a blowout, with no time on the clock.

its about nuance guys. You gotta play this thing

Its not Madden, its Madness
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