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Houston Texans players LOOK HERE! Need Tips on BEST plays & DEFENSE

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So I guess the best way to ask this question would be like this

I use the Houston Texans only. They are my team. I want to learn more about the weakness which plays work the best. What defense I should use with the roster and so on. Basically I want to learn all the ins and outs of the team for Madden 21. Can anyone point me to where I would learn about all that information?

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    Hey, @GrizzGolf

    Changed your post title so it shows up a bit better in search results for those looking for a similar discussion. Hopefully some others jump in to give you some advice, I haven't played as the Texans as much lately.

    Do you jump into Practice mode? I'll go in there and select Random Defense when I'm running plays to get a rhythm going with certain offensive plays I'm running. It can be tedious, but if you run a certain play over and over again against random defensive plays your brain will train itself on how to react to player movements on the field. Once you're able to complete about 15 plays in a row, move on to the next play.

    Hope that helps. If there is any plays you found highly success in games or in Practice mode for their playbook it might be a good idea to drop them here so we can discuss those playcalls.
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