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Intentional Grounding

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We , the Madden community , have been saying this since at LEAST madden 17. The CPU will ALWAYS (no exaggeration , literally 100% of the time) get away wil intentional grounding. They won’t roll out , they’ll just sense the pressure and throw it out of bounds nowhere near a receiver. It has NEVER (in my experience) been called against the CPU. They are robbing me of sacks and themselves of penalty yards against them. It is BLATANT CHEATING. It’s been 4 years , so it’s not a glitch or an error , you put this in the game intentionally. And it’s annoying. Because it’s cheating. You cannot do that in real football , at all. So I don’t understand why it’s on the game. We’ve been bringing this up since at least Madden 17. We keep telling you to fix it and you won’t , which I’m taking as disrespect at this point.
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