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Franchise practice sessions

Among the countless problems this full-priced pile of garbage is the player's inability to access the practice sessions. Mostly all of the time the session consists of the camera showing the practice field from a very high angle and the game has to be shut down and restarted. This has made developing the entire team very difficult. As the season goes along, the simulated points one gains (as opposed to the full points one gets by actually practicing) are not enough to allow the team to get better ... or at the very least, keep up with the competition. I just played a game where my O-Line was noticeably much slower than the opponent's D-Line. 7 sacks. Not to mention my defense is starting to give up points by the bucket load.

Dear EA: If you're going to charge us full price for this **** edition of your game, can you at the very least fix these ridiculous problems? It's the very least you can do.


  • Not only that the defense does much better in practice mode than it does in actual games. And why are these players in full game day gear instead of practice uniforms. That tells u everything u need to know about EA sports. They leave out simple details like that but will add DJ Khaled to the game lmao.
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