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Very disappointed I'm a core franchise guy this year was a huge slap in the face on top of franchise I left Key points the last few year how to improve you're game.. updated playbooks I cried for ... reach the ball out last year I cried for you guys to update it and you guys have made every player reach for the it instead of allowing USER INPUT to extend the ball for extra yards please show me guys getting tackled for 4 yards...oh you guys think USER Lurk is a good idea.. show me a Wr playing def on average.... overpowered defender on every level of the field you cant expose a mismatch unless Its a speed difference I'm in a oline league with each team having a player near 7+ ints heading into week 9 show me that player please show me a stat line where a DB has more int than deflections you guys are out of touch with football hurt I payed 100$ anticipating the PS5 version but in a nutshell my love for Madden is thinning daily and I won't be playing anymore til CMC have over 70 catches in a full sim season


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