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My rant and franchise wishlist as someone who’s player for over 15yrs

I’ve been playing madden since madden 04. It’s the reason Michael Vick became my favorite player. I knew nothing about football and just played the games as a kid against my friends but as I got older and Xbox 360 came out me and my friends every year would make an online draft franchise. We would come
Home from school and we loved playing it every year. It was in the same category as like a call of duty in terms of those games you knew you had to get every year no matter what, more so than 2k (boy times have changed) the last franchise we made was madden 12. 9 years ago. 9! I was always more of a gamer than my friends and would play offline franchise, head to head, team play before (in my opinion) ultimate team ruined madden. I’ve always been a player franchise guy, not a full team player. I would make a Qb or a safety franchise usually (because those are the only ones that work because of how awful their AI Mechanics are) so it is what it is. As of madden 25 and above the game is horrendous. Qb franchise basically entails you throwing slants all game or running with the qb, can’t have a realistic immersion type play at Qb. You can’t hand the ball of because how god awful the running back ai mechanics are and anyone who plays knows exactly what I mean. It’s amazing absolute joke. If you are a position player franchise player like myself then you know that. Your team could have 10 billion in cap space with a free agency of all 99 ovr players and your team literally won’t sign 1 player. They only with players that teams released if that. They make zero trades. I’ve never once in my life played a player franchise and had my team make one trade in all the years I’ve played madden. This game is a joke. So say I go “alright I’ll play safety” well here are the two things that will happen. 1 you will play off a little and they will throw it deep and you get a pick (btw I hold the league record with a very discreet 15+ interceptions per season) or 2. The cpu Qb just **** and dumps your line backers till they score no matter what adjustments you make. There no story dialogue “hey our team is struggling can you talk to the team” wow good job madden. Way to fit realistic scenarios in to the game that make it feel like playing franchise has any meaning to it besides “play game” and “advance” even with your new awful update of “player cards” still players don’t have their full seasons and half the stats on the card dont even register I.E. “catches allowed” maybe add a PFF format to the game with players, I could play corner for A full season and get targeted a thousand times and let up zero catches and my team could go 0-16 and I won’t even be top 100 corners to be considered for pro bowl but if my team goes 15-1 and I get 7 interceptions and 80-“+ tackles I’m DPOY and get cooked for 100yds a game. Add some realism and advanced mechanics to the game that make it feel authentic. Make it so it a late gets injured on your team and a 60ovr fills in and starts going bananas that he actually gets a realistic upgrade to be a legitimate player based on their actual play not just your dev trait . I have a million more things to say but I’ll do my wish list and be on with it.

- in game scenarios

- play as any position

- realistic player progression based on play on field

- if you’re a star player or veteran (position franchise) have input with free agency/ draft or players in general

- coach mode. Make it so you can play as a literal coach and call plays on field without playing and hire and do schemes and do draft prep and free agency meetings and just things coaches do

- same team franchise: make it so anywhere from 2 or go crazy maybe 3 people can play on the same team whether you play as a full team or make your own players and have your own careers and if you decide to leave then it becomes a regular player franchise with added in same team factor so it doesn’t end the league

- all pro teams? Like actually make it good not “pro bowl appearances (4)” update your stat cards to a more state reference look

- interview after games

- rivalries

- more dynamic adjustments for defense (in general)

- for immersion purposes: if you’re not playing as QB or MLB have coach call plays or if you’re highest rated player you can call audibles with this being a setting you can choose to have off or on so I guess any position with the ability to talk to coach if you don’t like your plays. (Sometimes when I play safety I just wanna play safety not the entire game. That’s why I’m in player mode to begin with. When you could play as o line you didn’t have plays you just blocked and did your job)

- better teams actually feel better than you and worse teams feels worse ( I have a franchise on madden 21 where jets are 9-3 and Seahawks are 6-6 ???)

this is good for now so I leave you with this last one.

Make a better game.


  • Totally agree holycross30... madden has been out for months and I still get error codes and unrealistic gameplay constantly. Been having to play nba2k or mlb the show... ya know, sports games that work...
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey, @Jordan3375

    Are you slow simming when you're getting an error? The team fixed this issue a while back but it looks like the recent Title update (the one prior to today) caused it to re-surface. They're currently investigating that.
  • Yes I’m slow simming and getting the error. Have been since last Thursday
  • I’m still having this problem blueberry... would EA plz do something about it ??
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    The team is aware of and we'll provide updates here.
  • This is the problem with EA, they aren't looking at the big problems he mentioned that are the most important, just the small ones that they are looking at fixing so they will look good when they do
  • I’m seeing no updates on a fix EA_blueberry, I haven’t been able to play madden in 3+ weeks and EA doesn’t seem to care. I’m tired of this... I wouldn’t be on these message boards complaining if the game I bought actually worked. Please post how to get a full refund.
  • Where’s my refund ?
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