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Stop with x-factor

Go look at evans vs lattimore in real life, but in this game evans get the advantage because he’s an x-factor for the bucs. So is this game realistic or no?


  • The game sucks! EA thinks giving players special abilities make it a SIMULATION football game when in actuality Madden is a ARCADE game! It’s no fun playing people who know nothing about football but run plays they know the CPU CANT HELP YOU STOP! They don’t care about the consumer at EA.
  • I think the special abilities is a great idea but maybe their implementing it needs work. There has to be some way in making the great players do great things. I get what you're saying... whenever I play KC, I end up simming the game at some point because Mahomes is automatic and can't be stopped.

    The solution would be having a game where all of the ratings actually matters so it's really not necessary to do all of this. If you have a 70 CB covering my 99 WR, Xfactors are irrevelant... my 99 WR should have a field day against him and it is up to the guy using the 70 CB to double team or whatever.

    To me that's the logical solution but EA feels otherwise for whatever reason.
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