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Franchise BUG Madden 21 (Very urgent)

For the past week since roughly November 6th I have been encountering a very frustrating bug in both online and offline Franchise mode. Once I complete the game either the game crashed in the initial cut scene ( When that happens you can go back and reload the game and finish) If the game gets to the final stats screen and I Exit the game its crashes in the loading screen back to main Franchise HUB. I'm not much of an online player so without Franchise mode I paid 79.99 and threw it in the garbage. I've played a game where you can't even finish the game. I'm up to date on software updates I have deleted the game and re downloaded it twice. The issue happens when playing on my PS4 or PS5. This needs to be fixed asap. A simple bug that happens every once in while can be tolerated but one that makes the game virtually useless to me is unacceptable.

Does anybody have a fix for this. I noticed in the forums that this was an issue early on in early September but a patch in one of the updates was supposed to fix this. It ended affecting me after the recent software update
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