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From what I've read madden is moving in the right direction continue to listen to the gamers input on gameplay presentation and any other miscellaneous ideas but I like what I've seen this morning can't wait to see what franchise mode look like Madden 22


  • Here is an example of a 8+ year problem with this game. Every week, I see real life highlights of the real NFL where a QB throws a deep sideline pass and hits his receiver in stride for a 62 yard TD or whatever. I also see maybe a receiver gets man-to-man coverage on a deep post pattern and, again, the QB hits him in stride for a long TD pass.

    What I see in Madden is my QB throws the long sideline pass and it always ends up becoming a jump ball situation. I also see it nearly impossible to run that post pattern because there is always a safety conveniently sitting in the middle of the field. These are mere examples.

    But yes, EA. Keep moving in the right direction. The pylon camera angle and pregame shows will make me ignore decades old issues with this game.

    Please give more cut scenes and lets ramp up players running on the field.

    Seriously, pardon my sarcasm, but I am not trolling but this is what happens when you choose presentation over gameplay.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    This is specifically mentioned in the Next-Gen blog we released today:

    Pass Lead
    • Next Gen Stats and player movement opened up the ability to lead receivers on deep routes more effectively.
  • So I guess you all(EA), decided not to go with new play models like you said months ago in the first next gen trailer.
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