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QB accuracy on All-Madden

Do i see this as the only one? Since the last updates in November the QB accuracy on All-Madden is a disaster. even bad QB´s can reach high 90's percentages without problems? Is someone working on this problem or should it stay that way? This is unrealistic and makes no fun!


  • I'm curious to know if next gen stats / gameplay is going to address this you can literally play a kicker at quarterback and throw a perfect game this is a huge problem you may need to take inaccuracy into a major consideration without a miss being turned into a mistake
  • Yea game needs a new engine ASAP
  • Most ppl online is not looking to play a realistic football game. A great percentage of people wants to throw completions all game and the ones that are incomplete they feel they should’ve completed those as well. THAT’S THE PROBLEM!! When they tune the game to be more realistic everyone gets mad. Me personally I would like more incomplete passes and less deep passes. More weather more penalties and as close as to realistic as possible.
  • If they toned down all the money plays and high pass rewards, that alone would encourage Punting which would promote a more realistic game. But why punt when you have a pass play that you know works 98% of the time?
  • Has EA secretly changed something at the QB accuracy?? Since the last Update (Server Fix) I see normal accuracy like 60 - 80%! Did someone else noticed this...??
  • In the loading menu we should be able to see the user QB accuracy comparisons both for stick and buttons use heading into our current games. We would have a better picture how the QB's would square off.
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