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  • Nah there's no update on it. Doubt they're gonna do anything to fix it.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Stuarth8 wrote: »
    I'm still not getting any Twitch Drops is there any kind of update here because EA Help on Twitter have no clue and I've had no response for several weeks on my open case and I'm losing out massively on packets and Derwin Tokens.

    Communication would be greatly appreciated.

    The team is still working on this. There are reports of players getting the drops while others are not. We've seen some mentions where a password reset for the Twitch account might be related. I recommend resetting your password for your Twitch account, un-link your Twitch and EA account via these steps, then re-link them to see if that helps. Addressing missing Twitch drops is a priority for the Madden team and we'll update everyone on Twitch along with these forums when we have news. We apologize for the missing drops and still want to thank you for tuning into our streams.
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