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Madden Line and GMM drops not working after troubleshooting and unlink and linking. Ticket #69301378

Good morning EA and @EA_KRAELO ,

Per your instructions on yesterday and today's Madden stream. The drops are working and we needed to unlink and relink our accounts again which I have done several times already. You also suggested that we open a trouble ticket on EA Help, which I did and their response was this "I just talked with a specialist and there's a general issue." and "Our team is investigating and they will fix it as soon as possible." As you can see the issue is ongoing and affecting many dedicated players. I tune in to all the streams daily and I didn't receive (4) on Sunday 11/22, (7) Monday 11/23 and (3) Tuesday morning 11/24. I am not counting Thursday and Friday of last week, as I know you didn't have a definitive answer at that time. You guys have usually come through in the past when the community have issues, but losing a little bit of hope since you didn't address my last issue with solo battles freezing on me. You didn't even reply to the post after being tagged. Hopefully you guys see this one and at least give us some hope and answer for a resolution to this issues. My account and drops was working totally fine until this issue came up over 1-week ago.


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