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Next Gen Game Play?

I like what I'm seeing about the presentation & weather etc (if it's actually true). But I wanna hear about gameplay because that is what matters most to us. So developers can u please answer these questions.

Are there still psychic DB's in the game? Has the pass trajectory with arc on the ball and QB ball speed been fixed?

Have super users been truly toned down to where they have to stop or slow down and plant they're feet and are not able to affect multiple routes?

Have defensive pursuit angles been fixed?

Do we have FULL user control on both sides of the ball?

Has AI been tuned to where the defense plays a lot smarter when plays are called over & over?

When I call an audible on offense my WR doesn't signal the QB and tip the defense off that I am passing? Or when I'm on defense and my CB shades coverage inside or out He doesn't move over to the point I tip the offense off?

Is catch in traffic and aggressive catch been fixed so that WR actually catch the ball and don't drop it every time?


  • Sometimes, I feel like we’re talking to a wall when it comes to EA listen to things we want in the game. It goes in one ear and out the other. All the really care about is MUT.. they just don’t want verbally say it but they actions already told they don’t care what we want. They bend over backwards for MUT tho.. they make sure everything need to be tuned and plays ok when the MUT tournament come around.. MUT makes them money and we don’t do they don’t care about our needs and wants. They jus care about making MUT cards lol.
  • Still no official game play for next gen ??

    Guess I won't be re this for series x I had the 100$ version on my ps4 couldn't get the 5 due to high demand have the Xbox and EA can't give a code out to a hardcore gamer

    Yeah it's just a mut thing which ruined their game imagine give a guy who makes 20milliom a diamond change but cant give your consumers a decent game or a code for Madden for the next gen consoles
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