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limited 1 hour Blitz events: it is 3AM-4AM for Europeans!

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@EA_KRAELO I have to say that I'm quite frustrated that MUT is only focused on the US market. since there is also something outside the US, it would be nice if there was some kind of 'compensation' for e.g. European, Asian or other players who are not able to stay awake all night long to follow the streams, live events etc., in particular if they are for a short time only.
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    @EA_Kraelo I'm sorry for being so harsh but since EA sells Madden worldwide, it would be nice if this was also considered in terms of (some) content or schedules of events. it is really discriminating that players outside the US would have to stay awake all night to get some packs (e.g. 'Derwin vs. the World' (??? well, obviously, it is not compulsory to teach in US schools that the world does not only consist of the US), 'King of the Hill', limited time events in the Blitz promo, or this currently announced event (see tweet below)). but (sarcasm alert!): maybe it's better that way anyway, because players obviously only get the packs if they are lucky. (i.e. #twitch-drops-bug)

  • Don't forget to vote up the EU server request too when Voice next opens up.
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