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Legend token set

Just completed the legend token set and received nothing


  • Happened to me too!
  • Yes happened to me as well and another player i play with on mut squads. Waited 18 dang weeks to see what random **** i was gonna get to get nothing.
  • Just happened to me as well. Put in token and nothing. No animations. Nothing in binder. The set evens says completed.
  • bbrewer23goblue
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    edited November 2020
    Thanks EA for nothing.......shouldve known i would waste 18 weeks to get a bum 89 ovr card......i bet i watch youtube later and every streamer that spent 10 thousand dollars and has 8 million coins will get 93 ovr lynn swann or 93 ovr chad johnson
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  • What a complete waste of 18 weeks....89 ovr thomas lol watch every youtuber who spent 10 thousands dollars and already has 8 million coins get 93 ovr swann or 93 ovr ocho
  • Yeah i just got a 89 jerry rice , sad!!!! All ready have the card to go with the theme team im using .
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