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Madden NFL 22 wishlist.


  • weather needs to matter!!! bring back the refs-coin toss, vision cone or what I put in year ago was like they have in mlb the show picher, with either blue line(lob) or red(bullet) which is controlled by the trigger or rt-button, this could be preset before the hike with the play art, or come out of it after the hike, but when in play, it's not where on the field but on the player as he moves, good qb easier placement, crowd-wind-weather-rookie- qb matter, yes you would have to practice on placement of the ball but more control of the ball the just hitting sqare. Maybe a symbol could appear over the receiver the qb is looking out so the def and tell, the qb could hit another button and the lines appear at him to look off the def.
  • Bring back the starting lineups in the game. Where did they go!?

    Also, how about a field editor? How often do we see teams in real life change up how their fields look? They change their 50 yard line logo. They change up their endzones.

    SuperBowls change up their fields as well.

    Give us the option to change the look of the fields. Give us different logo options for mid field and the endzone. Different color options for the endzones.
  • JoeyCush
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    So I went back to my Madden 21 Wishlist and unfortunately, everything I had for Franchise remains because M21 was a carbon copy of M20. So here we go again.

    I'm strictly an offline Franchise player.

    The two biggest events in football and up there in American sports as a whole, is the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. But in Madden, those are the two most bare bone features they have to offer. The Super Bowl doesnt feel any different from a Pre Season game and has had the same post game animations for what 5-6 years in a row? The NFL Draft is 7 continuous rounds where teams randomly select players they may or may not need and know nothing about. Lets change that.

    Starting with the Super Bowl. Change up the feel of this game (fireworks). Invest in a pre show that actually takes the season into account. Show season stats for key players. Key matchups like QB Vs QB or WR Vs CB. Have a panel of analysts predicting who they think will win. Post game, make the winner seem important. They used to do the video of the team at the White House with the President. You can do that or film a parade with the players celebrating in their cities. Make you actually want to win the Super Bowl.

    I'd love a feature that shows you the history of your team, Super Bowl trophies and Hall of Fame players and you can only access this by winning a Super Bowl in your Franchise. Once you win it, you can always go and look at your teams success history and your team that won the Super Bowl is in there as well. Set up by lockers and you click on each SB team or player and gives you a quick synopsis of that player or SB team. Again, gives you a reason to want to win a Super Bowl in Franchise mode.

    As for the NFL Draft, this needs to be a bigger deal than it is currently in Madden. Scouting needs a complete overhaul. You need to know more about the player you are taking in the Draft not just three rating scores and what they placed at the combine. Plenty of players taken in the first dont pan out and those teams suffer for it. Make the Draft three days long like it is in real life, with an overview of who was picked by which team and what players remain. Maybe have an analyst grade your draft afterwards. So much needs to be done with the Draft.

    Free Agency needs help as well. Too many key guys hit Free Agency and the contracts dont make sense. I would like to see veteran players sign with clubs with higher records, chasing that Super Bowl ring. Too many big names remain unsigned and wind up getting signed to one year deals after FA is over.

    Training Camp needs to come back. Give me guys in shorts and pads practicing. QB in red jerseys. No more practice mode with players in full uniform. Mini camp where theres no tackling just positional drills, testing guys speed, burst, agility, etc.

    Offensive/defensive continuity. Give my offensive line a whole grade as a unit for playing together for 2-3 years. Makes me think twice about letting my average RG walk in free agency because our unit is graded so high together. If they are a real weak point and need to be replaced then fine, upgrade but then you start fresh as a whole unit.

    Obviously Off/Def cord need to be in the game. Wont touch on that.

    Gameplay needs to be completely overhauled. Height/weight dont matter. Players are too slow while the NFL is faster than its ever been. Weather means nothing outside of your QB slipping on a dropback. WAY too animation dependent where you get sucked into them. Offensive line is a mess. X Factors were a complete miss in a simulation football game. These players play like Super Heroes.

    For division games, a recap of the first meeting earlier in the year would be nice. Doesnt even need highlights, just the graphic showing score, pass yards, rush yards, turnovers etc. Makes division games have a slight different feel to it, making division games a bigger deal is a huge thing to me.

    Please, have realistic schedules. I hate playing the next year in Franchise as the Giants and I close the season out against the Falcons or something. Week 17 is divisional games. I wouldnt even mind if they just repeated the same 4 schedules every 4 years, ensuring every team plays each other.
  • please let weather/crowd matter, it's one of the biggest parts of football- refs-coin toss please please put in or back in the game,"if it's in the game it's in the game!!!
  • Bentskin
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    > @koolkev258 said:
    > @EA_Blueberry He just gave you the blueprint for how to fix this game and potentially dig it out of the mud it's in. Even if you got these done in three years people might actually have some respect for the product. Show this to Clint pls.

    I thought I was alone. This is almost exactly what I would like to see regarding Franchise Mode. I was just thinking how popular all the mock drafts and mock draft web sites are this time of year. Either change the Madden launch date to the Monday following the start of Free Agency so the game can have the first round of free agent signings or offer us a pay option to update the game.
    I would pay $25 (that would be after shelling out the $55 or so to buy the game already) if EA would offer a Free Agency / Draft update that updates weekly from February through April. This would include free agent signings, load the following years draft order, draft class and schedule (opponents are already decided) so we could do our own mock drafts and team building and play the following season. After April 30, no more updates. This is an exciting time of the year that is being overlooked or ignored.
    Then we get to buy the new Madden in August with all the teams and players loaded as they should be.
    I know there are thousands of us that would pay to be able to enjoy / mimic free agency and the draft in the off season as much as we enjoy Madden during the regular season.
    There are already hundreds of Madden gamers updating rosters and creating draft classes so we can do this. It is very cumbersome and time consuming (although I enjoy it) to update all of this information as well force wins / losses to attempt to get a similar draft order. I only do the NFC East and then make sure the Super Bowl winner wins the Super Bowl. It is impossible for a gamer to do what EA could easily do in updating the off season to be a part of the game experience. Remember?
    Well, the off season is in the game but it's not exactly in our game. It is overlooking the most current portion of the game. This is an opportunity missed.

  • DevinTroy
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    The great thing about Madden wishlists is it requires no thought other than a copy and paste year after year. Thanks EA

    1. Dynamic injury/wear and tear system
    2. Improved AI
    3. Gameplay heavily reliant on physics, leverage and player positioning
    4. Improved line play (steerable blocks)
    5. Remove xfactors
    6. Even more ratings and traits to distinguish players
    7. Get rid of 2 man canned animation
    8. Fixed challenge system
    9. Improvement to penalties

    1. Coordinators/combined with improvement to game planning
    2. Scouts with major overhaul to how scouting operates
    3. Team chemistry
    4. Improved draft with projections, team needs, draft history
    5. Expand on fog of war (could be included with scouts abilities)
    6. Historical stats
    7. More emphasis on league info and better accessibility to that info.
    8. Everything in franchise available on Madden app outside of gameplay
    9. Taking out XP bump from scheme fit and add in rating modifier.
    10. Weekly wrap up show
    11. Reduce reliance on stat base progression
  • kennymac
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    I think Madden 21 was solid tbh. I would like to see better offensive line play with the run game. Secondly, match up separation a WR who’s a 82 vs a 92 DB the DB’s success rate should be higher. Example, out of 10 passes the DB should win those battles majority of the time.

    And if I had a third. I would say better blocking on kick returns.
  • Better roster decisions from the AI. I just finished a season, start of next season a bunch of teams are keeping 4 QBs, two of whom are vets with 55 or less OVR.

    To go along with that, there should be a difference between DEs and OLBs in the 3-4 and 4-3. Most of these guys are just called edge players now, and the interior guys 3-4 ends are interior linemen. Every off-season I go through and edit AI teams so a 3-4 D team isn't starting a 250 lb RE or 220 lb OLB.

    Customization for schemes. I hate the cookie cutter ones, none of them have the archetypes I want together.

    More depth for coaching staffs.

    More realistic challenges, a 75 OVR HB isn't going to think he's running for 200 yds and 4 TDs, and a WR leading the league in all the major categories isn't going to be unhappy with the game plan very often.

    Special teams players should matter. The LS position should have its own abilities, so should gunners. There have been a lot of guys who have played 7 or 8 years because they were good special teams players.

    Backup OL shouldn't be rated so low. Your 3rd DT or backup MLB probably isn't rated 61, why is your swing tackle?

    More realistic ratings for auto generated rookies. 345 lb DT rated 73 OVR with a 74 strength rating? Not likely. A bunch of WRs and CBs with 85 speed? Not likely.
  • Better commentary, too. QB can be hitting 75% of his passes for a ton of yards and 4 TDs and someone will talk about how he's struggling, or you pick off a pass and they ask if you can recover from turning the ball over
  • 71 ovr free agents shouldn't ask for $1.7 mil mid season
  • Silent patching formation/plays that get overused. EA is monitoring anything anyway so it would be easy for the to just patch this stuff every week. Just break gamebreaking stuff like 335 wide blitz short before WL and see this yt warriors suffer.
  • pearl_drummer111
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    With Madden 22 coming up, I've thought of a few things that could be included which should be easy adds:

    1) Bring back different game speeds. We used to have fast/normal/slow/super slow. Slow gameplay was so much more realistic. The current (and only) option to play is just way too fast, to the point where it feels arcade like and unrealistic.
    2) Bring back the coin toss to start games.
    3) Remove X-factors, considering they're way too arcade like.
    4) Different scoreboard and presentation graphics for names/stats within the games. We see Fox/CBS, ESPN, NBC all have different presentation graphics. Let's see Madden incorporate that, especially for Franchise mode.
    5) Field editor. Look at what MLB The Show did this year with their create-a-stadium.. How about Madden letting us change what logo is on the 50 yard line, or how the end zones look, allowing for different logos/colors/designs. We see actual team's do this from time to time to freshen up the look of their fields. Let us edit our team's field in franchise mode.
    6) League Expansion- Allow for more teams in the league like NBA franchise mode.
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  • JayD24
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    Hello EA_Blueberry. As far as one of the improvements that I believe need to be made to Madden is the music soundtrack. I know this is some very small. But a soundtrack is important to a video game. I remember Madden in the early to mid 2000's when the soundtrack (next to the gameplay and features) made the game that much more important. The soundtracks for madden over the last couple of years have been very underwhleming and bland. If there is anyway you guys could get some Kendrick Lamar, JCole, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, the late DMX on your soundtrack that would bring back some juice (outside of improved gameplay) to madden because right now, the soundtracks arent really that great.
  • EA_Blueberry
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  • Yeah I am to the point where I can't stand the soundtracks. I'm also not a fan of music with vulgar language. Sorry but I agree these soundtrack decisions need improvement. :-)
    Madden fan since 93.
  • don't see anything mentioned about create - a - team....
  • don't see anything mentioned about create - a - team....

    It's in a different topic. I forgot which one though.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    don't see anything mentioned about create - a - team....

    What are your thoughts on the new talent tree?

    It's designed to give a whole lot of different team makeups for franchise leagues.
  • > @EA_Blueberry said:
    > What are your thoughts on the new talent tree?
    > It's designed to give a whole lot of different team makeups for franchise leagues.

    I don't care to be honest. I play offline franchise and always had fun with create-a-team. It's a simple feature, one that should have never been pulled from the game to begin with. The canned teams with canned uniforms and relocation options are trash. From what I have seen it looks like EA is not brining back the create-a-team feature for another year...
  • PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE HAVE ANNOUNCERS SAY THE NAMES OF CREATED PLAYERS. This existed in older model Madden games just not 20 and 21 😢
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