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Lag switching is out of freaking control.



  • riff3g
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    It's absolutely an issue(lag, lag switch, or whatever they do). Many people comment and say things like "I don't know what a lag switch is" or "maybe it's your connection" or just say that you're an angry player because you lost. As someone who's been playing since 92' I'm here to back up the ones who have enough integrity to not cheat and actually acknowledge that this exists. You're absolutely right; we're upset. I know more people notice it, but they won't speak on it. You don't know who to trust in comments and forums because so many people use lag as an advantage. It's possible that they too are guilty of this. And I am not taking about disconnects, I normally get a win on a random disconnect. This is IN GAME CHEATING. This happens usually when the player is down and needs an advantage like @VladsPewtinPops said. Linemen who catch up with DBs suddenly, on a clear pick 6 , D Linemen who chase mobile qbs down from behind, having less than a second or maybe 1 to throw the ball. It's like the O line doesn't exist. Or how about not being able to navigate playcall menus? I could go on. Many time it starts from the beginning too. But what do you do? Quit? Then you get a loss or add to DNF. This is a current issue that is ongoing right now; yes, in Madden 23, but when there are thousands of $ to win, corruption will arise. There, I said it.
  • I don't think EA cares or they just don't have the resources to stop lagswitching it's 2022 and I been reading about lag switching and seeing ppl complain with dates that go back to 2018 and the lag switching is being done on purpose the cheaters don't even care anymore nothing is being done about it so why should they . So basically just get use to it . As far as I could tell nothing will ever be done about it . EA should at least give a big red warning that this is an issue before purchasing gamepass or any of there online multiplayer games.
  • Whoever says lag switching does not exist is lying or is a lag switcher them selves been playing ufc 4 and it is super obvious when they use their lag switch I can't understand how a company can let it go on for so long without doing absolutely nothing about it . My only guess can be EA has something to do with making a profit from the cheats such has lag switching. They might be in on the manufacturing and distribution of these lag switches ext ... You can order a lag switch or make ur own however EA should be ashamed of themselves for knowing about the problem and choosing not to do anything about it . The person above is right EA should let Ppl know that they allow this type of behavior before purchasing a game. Not only is it a problem for those who are against cheating it can be a problem for the cheater as well .as that behavior can spill out into reality being very dangerous.
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