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Switching Sides Mid-game in OFFLINE Franchise Mode

guys - not being able to switch sides mid game to play both offenses against computer defense in franchise mode is such a simple fix. I understand not allowing it in online franchise obviously, but for offline franchise? are you kidding me? such a simple fix.
make it happen guys!


  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Can you explain to me why you want to switch sides?
  • Not OP, but I would like this feature as well. For a total control 32 team franchise it would be nice to play as both offenses, rather than having to pick which team to play as each game. When I play as one team against the CPU, it requires constant adjustment of the sliders to keep the game balanced. But by playing both offenses it makes single player more balanced and exciting.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager
    Thanks, @Master_Vandar

    I think a current workaround for this is to play an offline franchise and assign yourself and 1 other player 16 teams each. This way you'll improve your chances of being able to play a decent amount of games from both sides.

    I don't think a lot of players overall would use this feature if implemented into the game, however I can't say it's not possible to add it. It's a matter of difficulty of implementation and where it falls on the priority list if they can get it before launch or after launch in an update.
  • also be able to watch a post season game CPU vs CPU in offline franchise mode
    if you do not reach the post season during a season at least to be able to see all the other games as a spectator including the superbowl as a spectator cpu vs cpu and / or with the fast simulation the possibility of choice would be appreciated
  • Aelbi
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    edited January 2021
    I agree that this should be a simple fix. I would include this along with several limitations I don’t understand why are in the game. For what purpose is there to limit anything in franchise modes whether it is for online or offline mode? Online mode could simply just have a switch to turn it on or off, but for offline mode it is simply illogical to have it not possible. Other titles do not have this limitation.

    The purpose is simply to be able to play offense or defensive for whichever of the 32 teams you’d like to. If there’s a purpose for simulation without the desire to actually play any of the games, surely there’s a reasonable understood logic to us who’d like to have the options to play with whichever team we’d prefer.

    For example, I would like to use this feature to control the outcome of a set of downs in a particular instance by choosing which team and side of the ball to be on. I may want to make sure a team goes for a 4th down. Or, I may want to add a lot of pressure for a series of plays to limit the offense of the other team I was controlling previously on offense. Many reasons for this feature to be unlimited/unlocked.

    Also, this would be great to be able to edit the opposing team’s depth chart. That’s a really important aspect of how disabling the lock on controller switching would be valuable to some of us non-competitve loyal users.

    MLB The Show, for example has no limitations on this. Therefore, when one would like to pitch to one batter and then bat against the same pitcher in the next at bat, it is possible. And, I for one do this.
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  • iSplashes
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    I agree its should be a simple update implemented in offline mode, i do this on 2k in myLeague because it makes it more fun and more like a simulation. If i play just one team i run through the cpu and it just doesn't seem fun. And you should have the ability to fully customize your experience the way you want.
  • ktsutt
    2 posts New member
    I have been waiting for this be an option again for the last 8 years. Always was an option in the distant past.
  • JPCH0613
    1 posts New member
    Agreed! Bring back this function. I do not want certainty on who is going to win. I used to manage and play with all 32 teams. Switching to play 3 series with both offenses and then 3 series with both defenses allowed me to play different styles and not knowing which team will win.
  • I ran into an issue while playing Madden 22 this evening on my pc with a controller where somehow, the game decided to recognize my keyboard/mouse and controller as active inputs in a game, thus making it seem like there are 2 people playing on my team, but it's only me playing. It was EXTREMELY frustrating trying to play like that, as both players that were selected were actually going off of the controller commands (I could override one of the players with the k&m) so, if on defense, and I was trying to rush, both players would make the exact movements, but one as a ROLB, and the other was a safety or CB... Don't even get me started on how frustrating it was on offense.

    Could have easily been solved if we were able to switch sides in game.

    Also, another practical use of this old feature would be this: Let's say you and a friend are playing 'split screen', you or your friend has to leave, but the other wants to finish the game because you had it set to 15 minute quarters and you've got 6 minutes left in the 4th...Id be rather upset if I had to quit and lose all the potential progress.

    It just seems logical to have this option in the game, it was there for 20 years... Why all of a sudden was it taken out?
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