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Apology/Question about Gameplay

I've made post before trashing the game, so i'd like to apologize because I'm sorry that i needlessly add to the noise around a game that everyone loves to hate instead of adding to the discussion.

Being said, I have a question:

what are the settings that provide the most realistic/authentic NFL experience? I don't want to go 16-0 every regular season (All-Pro or below), and I also don't want to go 0-16 giving up 90+% completion percentages to every QB I face(All-Madden).

I usually play on Advanced/Expert on Competitive, with my favorite being All-Madden; however it loses it's realism some games and it's hard to justify my love of the game. Lower tier QB's going 90+% completion percentages is absurd, and it has to do with every aspect their decision making and accuracy + their WR's ability to catch the ball. & then on offense DBs with crazy range and sticky hands becomes "maddening" then you add on the human WRs dropping passes & it becomes too much.

To add: i've never messed around with sliders thoroughly enough so please include those, as well as the difficulty, and arcade/simulation/competitive settings that everyone has found to bring you the most realistic NFL experience.

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