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Franchise Feature Idea

A few of the guys and I got talking in my league about the Pro Bowl. Talking about how it's not much of what it used to really be. But, that sparked an idea that I think could be really cool for online franchises. What if we were able to vote on the Prob Bowl participants as if it were real life?

So here's how the idea would go; Madden would have a voting session between members in franchise. Allowing everyone to choose 1 of every position, in each conference, or at least the top positions, must be from another team, so no one can select their own players. Start the process around the week that they start the real voting, and u can go from there.

Now, if this isn't an option, or u want to expand upon it due to supporters, there is also this; Let us, at the very least, switch PB rosters around, so we could hold a vote, in our league, and then change change players accordingly. As to further add to that idea, me personally, adding to depth, I'd draw some of the big names at random where they "opt-out" and the next selection gets put in their place on the roster, like in real life.

It's something, like many other issues w/ franchise, that could add a ton more depth, and realism, to how commissioners run their leagues.
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