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Biggest L In Xmas history

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edited December 2020
In my 3 years on MUT these were by far the worst presents ever.....what a complete scam, its literally the 1st time in 3 years ive pulled something rare just for it to be the biggest L ever.....this entire promo was amazing until this morning, presents were a complete joke this year


  • Neo_Novalis
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    edited December 2020
    @bbrewer23goblue unfortunately, I have to tell you, this was predictable, wasn't it? I only once invested in presents but I gave it up since I really do not like this huge lottery factor in it. for me, I only invest in cheap packs anymore. if I get something, it is ok. if I get 'nothing' I do not care.

    if I had to hope everytime for the jackpot because the price of a pack is so high... well, there is no way around a huge amount of frustration....

    anyways, I hope you will be lucky next time again!
  • bbrewer23goblue
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    edited December 2020
    No it wasnt....my first two years presents were great so nah it wasnt......when you literally have a 3% chance to pull a XL present it should and better be good.....but yea its ok because once again every single youtuber, streamer and big money spender got the bo jackson present while the rest of us got dumped on, nice try though
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