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NEW XB1 Non-Draft Connected Franchise Starting THIS Sunday

If you are looking for a Franchise that is run competently by admins, that wont pick favorites, look no further. There is no timetable set for this league. We will attempt to keep the Franchise: Active, Competitive, and going (seasons) for as long as possible. Advances will take place 5x each week with 24 hour advances on weekdays and 48 hour advances on weekends. Admins will also put heavy emphasis on balanced draft classes, xp/gameplay sliders, and trades/trade committee. Additional information, such as rules, can be found on our League website: http://daddyleagues.com/kingchet . The league does use the app, "Discord" to post schedules, notify of advances, talk trades, etc. We expect you to download it if you wish to be a part of the league.

I sincerely hope you message me on Xbox "KingChet24" if you are interested in joining the league. We have been doing this for a long time and assure you of this, we will not waste your time. We do ask that in return that you do not waste ours. We want users that are respectable, competitive, and in for the long run.
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