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madden 22 making your own defensive plays.

I think ea should make it so we can create our own defensive plays and use them in head to head. Obviously, that wouldn't work for mut since people want to be able to sell defensive playbooks for coins. But being able to make your own plays would cut down on setup times on defense no more clicking 20 buttons just to stop a play. In the real NFL the players already know what they're going to do as soon as the line-up. You shouldn't have to wait for players to come out onto the field before you can set up your defense. Because we all know that if you're going to have any success in madden on defense you have to make changes. I understand having some way to separate the good players from the bad ones but this is not the way. The way to separate the good comp from the bad is to just make a realistic football game and the players who know the game of football will do good and the ones that don't won't .


  • The plays we make should have to fall within certain guidelines. For example, if you create a double-teaming man defense the cover guys have to be on the same side as the wide receiver. We also need to be able to add these plays to our audibles in-game.
  • This would be helpful. Being able to make 37 pre snap adjustments shouldn't be what makes or breaks a game.
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