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What is up with these warp tackles

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edited January 2021
It is literally impossible to run the ball right now against the cpu. Every single time you get in open space you get sucked into some stupid animation. Inside runs are useless, as soon as you get to the line of scrimmage the insta-shed combined with being sucked into animation is mind-blowing. Outside runs you get the insta-shed double team block that isn't physically possible and the linebackers fill the run perfectly 10 out of 10 times and when they don't it doesn't matter because your getting sucked into a tackle anyway. This is all the same with receivers when you try to get any RAC. It's almost as bad as madden 19 again and soon my madden 21 disc is gonna end up like 19.... SNAPPED.

Also, the invisible wall in the endzone is back. The stupid reach animations are so exaggerated that they take FOREVER to actually reach. By the time you do another defender comes to ruin the whole animation.

Also, the catching animations for posts, slants, in, drive, and drag routes are busted. You get this stupid animation where the receiver jumps backward instead of catching the ball in stride. That dumb jump back thing either takes the receiver out of the ball path or lets the defender catch up.

Or I could just be getting DDA'd and scripted.


  • Yea the warp tackles are bad...i try to run up the middle Derrick Henry and get warp tackled by a lineman who is being pushed out of the way or he warps through the blocker...i just wanna see organic tackling and not have it animation based...once you get sucked into the animation there's nothing you can do
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